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News Post: PA League Race!

Gabe: After a couple weeks off I am back in the driver’s seat tonight for another Penny Arcade League race! We are all heading to Watkins Glen for a multi class race that will once again see me driving the slowest car on the track, the Mazda MX-5. There will also be more Stream Racer shenanigans this evening before and after the show. No need to download...

News Post: Avatar I Guess idk

Tycho: As a spectacle, as a meticulously engineered media experience lensed through the twin magnifications of IMAX and 3D, James Cameron's Avatar is absolutely - I am confident in saying this - a film. It didn't really stick with me. I was at Disney World a couple years back, and they had a whole fuckin' Avatar, like… zone, and I was surprised. Like...

Comic: Avatar I Guess idk

New Comic: Avatar I Guess idk

News Post: A Thousand Scripts

Tycho: Loki is like Wandavision in that it's a kind of puzzle, which is the sort of show I like best. It's also the most optimized use of Disney+ as a platform, because now the hook is set and I sorta have to stick around to find out what this shit is about now. I go hog-ass fucking wild for a Primer, or a Memento. Or even a regular Mento. I should...

Comic: A Thousand Scripts

New Comic: A Thousand Scripts

News Post: He-Mania

Tycho: I genuinely don't know a lot about He-Man, although my friend Damon had a Battle Armor He-Man whose inner workings perpetually mystified me. You could strike the breastplate, and every time it would reveal a progressively more damaged version until it was perfect again. What a terrifying foe. Strike your enemy dead in the chest three times to…...

Comic: He-Mania

New Comic: He-Mania

News Post: Our Tender Jarls

Tycho: The main thing you have to know about streaming platforms is that their dynamics are such that it's too rich for Microsoft's blood. Microsoft. After squeezing to the tune of millions and millions of dollars, they determined that the volume and quality of the juice hadn't been worth it. Which is too bad, because it was… kinda good. The latency...

Comic: Our Tender Jarls

New Comic: Our Tender Jarls

News Post: Nuance

Tycho: You mighta seen the story - maybe you didn't? I don't feel like we've exaggerated the arc really in any way. This is more or less what happened! They definitely activated social; I bet shares were through the roof. I suspect that sometimes, very rarely, there is a such a thing as bad press. Eric is attending a training tomorrow, so we won't be...

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