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News Post: Finding Out

Tycho: Apple's reprisal against Epic's weird-ass gambit was a foregone conclusion. The Gambit, just so we're clear, was to sneak in a parallel payment system that privileged itself over Apple's, and then when Apple responded by ejecting them from their ecosystem - as Epic knew they would - to then release a video they'd apparently already made to suggest...

News Post: Birthday Stream!

Gabe: Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m getting the best gift, an ASUS x Gundam PC, built by my son Gabe!  Join us live on stream at 11am PST as we put this together with guidance from Jerry as well as Chris from ASUS ROGNA.  I promise I'll do my best to keep the PC destroying rays my body naturally emits contained.   -Gabe out

Comic: Finding Out

New Comic: Finding Out

News Post: Cryptonym

Tycho: Gabe liked Destiny when it was very much not a cool thing to like. Kiko and I used to give him shit about it all the time. Kiko never got entirely wrapped up in it, but it had me pretty fucked up for a while - to the extent that I still maintain an active eye on lore developments even if I don't feel like grinding whatever new dust they've invented....

Comic: Cryptonym

New Comic: Cryptonym

News Post: Move Name Exclamation Point

Tycho: I installed the Demo for Tales of Arise, mostly to see what its vibe would look like in 4k, and I can tell you that in the fifteen minutes I played it the vibe was very good. I decided that, purely as a matter of considered chastity, I would save myself for Deathloop - a game that, even in the best case scenario, involves playing the same areas...

Comic: Move Name Exclamation Point

New Comic: Move Name Exclamation Point

News Post: Scroffeur

Tycho: Everything is good downstairs. Upstairs is a complete mess! But that's been true for decades. I guess it's true what they say - you never really know what's going on in another person's scrotum. It's just as true today as it was whenever it was said the first time. That might literally be two sentences before this one. I guess what I would say...

News Post: ASUS x Gundam

Gabe: I am ridiculously excited to announce that coming up on Saturday the 25th (my birthday!) I’m doing an ASUS x Gundam PC build with my son Gabe on the PA Twitch channel.  Thankfully Chris Barr from ROG North America will join us to supervise and provide valuable info. Also Jerry will be there. -Gabe Out

Comic: Scroffeur

New Comic: Scroffeur

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