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News Post: Father Of The Year

Tycho: I'm very, very tired of people pretending the world didn't burn down. I'm sick to the back teeth of it. Screentime is the new Dungeons & Dragons, because every generation has to have one. It's even been screentime before, which allows the agents of our discourse some much needed leisure. There is an Expert in the New York Times who has had...

Comic: Father Of The Year

New Comic: Father Of The Year

News Post: Conditional

Tycho: He already told you the rest of the story behind the comic, because he actually knows it on account of being there, but I learned a lot from the tale also - and maybe, I learned a little bit about myself, too. I didn't actually learn anything about myself. I share the frustrations of others regarding my opacity and frustrating mode of speech....

News Post: Console Wars

Gabe: I really like getting new consoles and that has been the case since this photo was taken.  I have skipped school, camped out overnight in the freezing cold and driven countless hours over the years to get new consoles when they come out. I couldn’t tell you why I do this but I’ve been in enough of these midnight lines to know that I am not the...

Comic: Conditional

New Comic: Conditional

News Post: Crime Adjacent

Tycho: Gabriel is at The Tooth Store, which I think is also called The Orthodontist, having some serious shit done to his mouth hole. The reason I know it's serious is that he didn't want to do a strip about it here. We did manage to do one for Club PA, if that's of interest, but it's an index of his horror at the affair that the way we typically process...

Comic: Crime Adjacent

New Comic: Crime Adjacent

News Post: Race Night

Gabe: It's Penny Arcade league Race night! The Pit Crew will open up on Twitch tonight at 7:30PT for warm up and the race will start around 8:30PT. Stick around after the race for C.S.iRacing, where we look at wrecks and assign blame. Then we cap off the night with the livery parade where everyone gets to show off their custom paint jobs, tonight's...

News Post: Heat

Tycho: I want to apologize for my ill-considered foray into teen nutrition. And also necromancy. I regret the necromancy. That is to say, I apologize if you were offended by my necromancy. Right? I mean… isn't life, just… Death? Man, I hope this works! One of my favorite developers, Zachtronics - who I guess are local to me, but the Internet makes everyone...

Comic: Heat

New Comic: Heat

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