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News Post: Warband

Tycho: In my ongoing efforts to understand what in the fuck streamers are talking about, I occasionally disappear down this or that rabbit hole regarding auto aim or crossplay or bots or some other thing in Fortnite. I tend to emerge from these rhetorical thickets dumber than I was when I climbed in. So I don't know exactly what Gabriel is experiencing...

Comic: Warband

New Comic: Warband

News Post: Father Son racing

Gabe: I’ll be doing a rare afternoon racing stream today. My friend Jerry (Tycho Brahe) is still out of town but I will not be spotterless. My son Gabe has agreed to join me on the stream today and I am hoping he has internalized the lessons from last night.    If you’d like to join us, the Pit Crew will open over on Twitch at 4pm PST.    -Gabe out

News Post: Deepfakes

Tycho: Fallout might be the perfect setting to grab if you wanted to make something that could truly cross over into the world where normal people lurk and throb.  The overarching framework - a war of annihilation with China, an attenuated cultural inheritance everyone understands at cross purposes, and a tangle of subterranean nests running cultural...

Comic: Deepfakes

New Comic: Deepfakes

News Post: And We Go Green

Tycho: Even to newly hatched larva still trailing the strips of their casing, “Formula 1” is probably an understood term.  It truns out there’s a bunch of Formulas, though, and in aggregate they create the fraught competitive pathway to the apex of the sport.  Then there’s Formula E, which…  I mean, it might be best to watch Hulu’s “And We Go Green.”...

Comic: And/Or Furious

New Comic: And/Or Furious

News Post: Tik Tok Toe

Tycho: I fell off of TikTok even before the reports everyone has been talking about, the one which claimed to reveal a host of sins baked into the software at a philosophical level.  I’ve also read other smart people talking about how it’s not as bad as it sounds.  I’d say that’s more or less typical of engineers, who are always trying to climb atop...

Comic: Tik Tok Toe

New Comic: Tik Tok Toe

News Post: League Race!

Gabe: The Penny Arcade iRacing league continues to grow. We’ve got just over 120 drivers now and our weekly races have been packed. Each week it’s a different car to race and so far the selections have been really fun. Last week we raced the Mazda MX-5 at Lime Rock which I was actually sort of familiar with.  Tonight we’re racing the Legends Ford 34...

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