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The 12 Best Be Kind to Yourself Quotes (and Helpful Tips on Self-Love)

When you fall or stumble then the default for many is to be hard on yourself. To push yourself forward again. Or to not make the same mistake in the future. Being tough on oneself is a common strategy in many situations but I have over the years found that being kind to yourself works even better. Why? Well, for one, I find it makes it easier...

Wed Mar 20, 2024 12:05
How to Focus on What You Can Control: 10 Tips for Success and Happiness

When life is overwhelming or you’re having a very stressful week then it can feel like you have no control. Like you’re a small ship being tossed around on a violent and chaotic sea. No fun for sure. At these times I find it helpful to first just focus on breathing deeply and slowly. And to pay attention only to my breath going in and out for a minute...

Wed Mar 6, 2024 14:12
75 Good Night Blessings and Images for a Good and Restful Sleep

It’s dark. The moon and stars have come out. Soon the day will come to an end and you can climb into your warm bed for some restful and perhaps well-needed sleep. So in this post I’d like to share the most inspiring and best good night blessings and images. To help you get a bit of positivity at the end of your day, get a good and peaceful night’s...

Thu Feb 22, 2024 16:55
50 Friday Morning Blessings and Images for a Good Morning

It’s Friday morning. The weekend is nearly here. So to help you finish this work week strong and set you up for a great weekend I want to share the best Friday morning blessings, images and well wishes. I hope you’ll find these words of wisdom helpful and uplifting and feel free to share one of them or one of the images with a friend or family member...

Fri Feb 9, 2024 12:27
83 Good Morning Saturday Blessings, Images and Wishes for a Wonderful Day

Saturday morning is here. You open your eyes and as the light shines in through your window the whole weekend lies ahead of you. And in today’s post I’d like to share the best and most inspiring good morning Saturday blessings, images and wishes to help you out. I hope these images and words will help you and inspire you to have a wonderful day....

Wed Jan 31, 2024 12:14
65 Daily Blessings to Help You Have a Great Day

Some days are tougher than others. Or you may have a bad morning that drags you down. In today's post I'd like to help with that by sharing 65 of the best and most powerful daily blessings. Timeless and uplifting thoughts and messages that you can use every morning, evening and day of the week. Or send to a loved one to help them turn a bad day around...

Thu Dec 14, 2023 11:56

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