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Waymo x UPS’s Partnership Uses Class 8 Trucks For Autonomous Delivery

Waymo, the company behind Google's autonomous car program, is expanding its driverless delivery partnership with UPS through the holidays. 

Bell and Howell Creates ‘Store in a Box’ Solution

Just as they supported the motion picture revolution in the early 1900’s, the manufacturing company Bell and Howell is now at the forefront of the autonomous order fulfilment revolution more than a century later. 

Food Delivery Service & Grocery Retailer Partner On Add-on Delivery Feature

Albertsons Cos. will be the first grocery retailer to pilot DoorDash’s new, multi-store and multi-product delivery initiative. 

[New report] Optimizing Last Mile CX

In today’s omnichannel commerce landscape, retail organizations must deliver on customer expectations for experience, convenience, and price across an increasingly hybrid marketplace. Operational efficiencies and innovations in last mile fulfillment are one of the best ways for brands and retailers to create and enjoy a competitive advantage over their...

[New report] Driving Social Media Marketing Engagement

Social media has become one of the most important marketing channels for retailers and brands to raise awareness and drive action among their audiences, as it takes an increasingly central role in people's lives as a way to connect and share. Connected online social platforms are transitioning from places to participate in conversations and build a...

Brands Testing Out OnlyFans As A Marketing Channel

The risqué site is becoming a popular way for companies to let their hair down and engage with a different audience.

What’s Cooking Relaunches As Digital Platform With Kraft Heinz And Top Chef Alum

Acclaimed culinary personality and James Beard winner Chef Edward Lee is rebooting the well-known print publication, What’s Cooking, as a new digital platform in collaboration with Kraft Heinz. 

TikTok’s Creator Marketplace API Opens Up First-Party Data

Social platform gives top influencer marketing companies early access to its new TikTok Creator Marketplace API.

[New report] Promoting Wellness in Physical Environments

More than ever, personal well-being is a guiding force in consumers’ daily lives. No longer viewed within a one-dimensional silo, consumers have come to understand and recognize the all-encompassing importance that the design of physical environments and systems have on their individual health and wellness. This increasingly holistic prioritization...

NatureQuant Partners With Strava To Track Quality Time Outdoors

If nature can serve as a medicine, then what’s the right dose? Tech and wellness platform NatureQuant, which recently integrated with exercise tracking service Strava, is on a mission to find out.

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