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Reebok’s ‘First Pitch’ Empowers Fans to Vote on New Designs

The platform gives customers the ability to vote with their wallets on which designs go into production

Amazon’s ‘Dash Cart’ Auto-Charges Customers for Checkout-Free Shopping

This smart shopping cart leverages leading-edge technology for faster, contactless grocery store shopping

The Selfridges Rental Collection Offers Eco-Conscious Luxury at Affordable Prices

Selfridges broadens its audience without compromising on quality by offering consumers the opportunity to rent high fashion pieces at a small fraction of the retail price

‘Choo Sketch’ Invites Jimmy Choo Fans to Create and Connect

Designer footwear house Jimmy Choo encourages consumers to share their fantasy shoe sketches for the chance to have their design featured in an exclusive capsule collection

This Fractional Ownership Startup Brings Young Consumers into the High Culture Marketplace

Thanks to co-ownership startup Otis, investing in premium culture is no longer the exclusive realm of the ultra rich

PSFK’s Monthly Roundup Explores Robot Caretakers, Experimental Citizenship, At-Home Fitness Wars & More

From helping consumers own their data to literally insuring happy turkey dinners, these are the points of innovation & activation PSFK's President of Research and Strategy is tracking this November

Engaging the New Luxury Consumer

How to adapt sales & marketing strategies to meet consumers' emerging value-driven expectations

Amazon’s ‘Halo’ Wearable Experience Offers 360-Degree Wellness Support

Entering the wearables market, eCommerce giant Amazon has announced a health wristband that combines basic fitness tracking capabilities with premium functions like voice tone reading and body composition scanning

Wellness Newsletter Builds Community with Hybrid Virtual-IRL Membership Platform

A new community platform from Girls Night In offers participants the chance to build meaningful relationships in a time of mass disconnection

[New report] Engaging The New Luxury Consumer

Already in the process of undergoing fundamental change, digital, agile and sustainable business models are no longer a novelty but a necessity, as the luxury industry adapts to a younger consumer base that equally prioritizes seamless channel-to-channel experiences, purpose-backed initiatives, and access to product of value. Now, leaders within the...

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