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[New report] New Futures In Remote Patient Experience

Telehealth and remote care have transformed from alternative options to one of the primary ways that people seek medical care, information and support. As we look to the future of remote care, we see a move away from one-off online patient visits to long-term virtual care relationships. Further, emerging digital health brands are poised to become top...

[New report] Modernizing The Streaming Media Landscape

As streamed content and digital media have become main sources of entertainment, connection, and excitement for consumers, brands and companies are tasked with finding ways to continue innovating their offerings. While consumers rely on established streaming platforms and media houses to generate familiar and easily consumable types of content, increases...

[New report] Augmenting The At-Home Live Entertainment Experience

Driven by a need for contactless solutions, virtual innovations have enhanced how consumers interact not only with each other, but also their favorite brands, artists, and more. While both content consumption and screen time are on the rise, consumers’ expectation for digital experiences has grown as well, pushing media creators to move beyond traditional...

[New report] Reimagining The In-Store Beauty Experience

The events of 2020 drove consumers to shop online for products spanning retailers and brands in an effort to prioritize both safety and convenience. However, the global increase in digital shopping behaviors leaves in its wake key absences in the beauty shopping experience specific to in-store. In an effort to allow consumers access to their favorite...

The Digital Beauty Sales Experience

Creating accessible moments of digital engagement within the personal care landscape

[New report] The Digital Beauty Sales Experience

The beauty space remains one where consumers place high value on being able to interact with, assess, and test products. Due to the largely individual nature of the category, consumers had previously remained driven to visit physical locations to ensure the perfect product fit. However, be it the global events of 2020 or personal shifts in priorities,...

Next Gen Experiences in Today’s Digital Marketplace

Three key ways to provide ecommerce experiences that offer consumers a sense of connectedness, discovery, and  ease

WhatsApp ‘Carts’ Offer Single-Message Checkout for Instant Purchasing

Secure mobile messaging app WhatsApp lets consumers complete online purchases with just one text message

Camp’s ‘White E-lephant’ Brings Consumers Together with Virtual Gifting

Experiential store Camp's online gift exchange platform brings community, connection, and joy to socially distant holiday celebrations

Menswear Retailer’s ‘Clothing Advisors’ Curate Wardrobes with Individualized Selections

Canadian menswear retailer Harry Rosen connects customers with "Clothing Advisors" to offer hyper-personal recommendations

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