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This Menswear T-Shirt Brand Gauges Demand based on Member Feedback

DTC T-shirt label Cuts not only offers subscriptions, but also provides members with the chance to determine what wares they'll cut next

Samsung Taps Klarna’s Flexible Payments to Optimize Phone Financing

The electronics maker is making its wares more accessible by offering a variety of installment payment plans

A Close Up at Enabling Agile Operations for the 2020 Holiday Season

Four strategies for enabling flexible retail operations and consumer experiences ahead of a difficult-to-predict buying season

[New report] Holidays 2020 Debrief

In the midst of uncertainty, what's clear is that the 2020 holiday season presents retailers and consumer brands with challenges and opportunities. Driven by safety and convenience, shoppers are finding new routes to purchase, emphasizing the need for omnichannel operations that connect consumers’ online and offline experiences. Meanwhile, as online...

This On-Demand Mobile Platform Replaces Waiting Lines With Digital Queues

Eliminating lines while maintaining visibility for shoppers, Safe Queue's mobile experience allows customers to safely and remotely reserve a spot in line from their car or other nearby location

Key Retail Strategies for Tackling 2020’s Unprecedented Holiday Season

PSFK research shares solutions for navigating the holiday crush in the disruption of 2020, touching on many stages of the path to purchase with ways to successfully bridge the digital-physical divide

Music Fans Can Shop Looks They Like Directly Inside the Video

As retail and entertainment continue to merge, an innovative streaming platform is seizing the trend to let viewers simultaneously watch and shop new drops

Community Ecommerce Platform Turns Everyday Consumers into Influencers

Teleport is a peer-to-peer discovery experience where anyone with the app can upload video shorts sporting their favorite apparel, then earn when viewers shop through them

New York’s Jean-Georges Restaurant Enables Contactless Outdoor Dining

The upscale restaurant brand is turning to reduced-contact tech to keep doors open

This SaaS Platform Is Making Mobile-First Food Service a Reality

OneDine is equipped to manage restaurants' floor by providing staff with table status, letting diners browse personalized digital menus, and handling checkout from patrons' own devices

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