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See a Habit to Break a Habit

Simply paying attention, without expecting perfection, creates new options for parents. Without self-judgment, we can explore our tendencies and create opportunities for change.

All of Mindfulness in One Breath

Mindfulness is a marathon. The more we sit in meditation, the more we experience the benefits, which start to unfold with our first mindful breath.

Legal Rights of Students with ADHD

The best approach is to accommodations for ADHD is to support them in the moment, while teaching student skills to be more independent and successful in the future.

Talking Back to ADHD

Pause and realize the difference between a person and their ADHD, then begin to identify where ADHD affects life.

Turning the Page on ADHD

Naturally, change is hard for all kids, and can be harder for those with ADHD. A new school year is the perfect time to pause, reconsider, and set up new routines.

Collaboration When a Family Has ADHD: Like Parent Like Child

Finding an empathetic, mutual path around ADHD aims families towards a shared goal instead of a battle, while adults build the same skills they’re aiming for in their children.

ADHD Summer Reading Challenge

Reading is one of the most crucial activities for children, promoting language development, building knowledge, and setting up academic success, but ADHD can make it hard.

ADHD and Self Compassion

What’s the impact of living life with ADHD, seeing exactly what ‘should’ be done and often not getting there anyway.

Give Technology — and Yourself — a Rest

The brain needs a break to recover from activity just like our bodies do.

Building Resilience: How to Shift Mental Gears

Stress itself can be defined as the perception something is more than we can handle. That may sound like the most clichéd advice ever – but is a foundation of resilience research.

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