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[D] Can NEAT (Neuroevolution of Augmenting Topologies) be used for problems other than RL?

I recently came across NEAT algorithm ( ) and how it can be used to effectively solve some RL tasks. But is RL all that its limited to? Or can it also be used for regular supervised learning? How effective would augmenting topologies be against neural network with fixed structure for tasks like...

Generative model for human realistic mouse cursor movement [discussion]

I wanted to discuss with everyone some ideas on how to proceed on problem like this. I think this is falls into a certain class of problems that many of y’all may know a lot about. The Problem: Train a model to generate a mouse trajectory from given point A to given point B. The goal is to simulate realistic human mouse movement. Naive approach: Initially...

[R] Contrastive Multi-View Representation Learning on Graphs

submitted by /u/programmerChilli [link] [comments]

[R] Scalable Deep Generative Modeling for Sparse Graphs

submitted by /u/programmerChilli [link] [comments]

[D] Semi-Supervised Learning in Computer Vision

Hi everyone, I have visually compared the key ideas from 9 semi-supervised learning methods(pseudo-label/noisy-student/PI/temporal ensembling/mean teacher/VAT/UDA/MixMatch/FixMatch). Please check it out and share your feedback. Article: submitted by /u/amitness [link] [comments]

[R] Lenia and Expanded Universe

submitted by /u/hardmaru [link] [comments]

[D] Free web hosting service for AI web apps

What do you'll use to host Al web apps. Am playing around with Streamlit and its super easy to build a test web app but is there an free web hosting service for AI web apps for python support. submitted by /u/ExpwithML [link] [comments]

[P] Any ideas or contributors for an Open source advanced Machine/Deep Learning project?

I am looking to start a new open source advanced deep learning projects, it can be in Computer Vision, NLP, or RL or a combination of all. Anyone got any Intresting project Ideas? submitted by /u/alaap001 [link] [comments]

[R] Understanding Generative Adversarial Networks

"Generative Adversarial Networks is the most interesting idea in the last ten years in Machine Learning" said Yann LeCun, one of the most prominent researchers in AI. It has been almost 6 years since Ian Goodfellow and his colleagues invented GAN while sitting in a bar. This is 2020 and still GANs are the coolest things to play with and explore. Their...

[R] ICML 2020 oral presentation collection - shared by authors, free to access

Found a neat collection of ICML 2020 paper presentation videos shared by the authors. You can access it here without the conference registration. Some of my favorite talks: Generative Pretraining from Pixels Review (Outstanding Paper HM, OpenAI) Understanding and Mitigating the Tradeoff between Robustness and Accuracy (Stanford & ETH Zurich) Planning...

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