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[News] SCALE Transform X conference

Hello everyone! SCALE AI is hosting a set of conferences from OCT 19- 21ST with the world's top experts on AI & Machine Learning. Here's the link if someone wants to register to the event! ​ The event is both online or...

[N] Driving SMARTS Competition @ NeurIPS 2022

Driving SMARTS Competition at NeurIPS 2022 This competition seeks to advance autonomous driving by developing agents that can drive as quickly and safely as possible from the start to destination amid background traffic. Data for the competition consists of large-scale naturalistic driving data replayed within SMARTS simulation environment. The following...

[R] LLM.int8(): 8-bit Matrix Multiplication for Transformers at Scale - Facebook AI 2022 - Inference in LLMs with up to 175B parameters without performance degradation and making it possible to use these models on a single server with consumer GPUs!

Paper: Github: Software Blogpost: Emergent Features Blogpost: Abstract: Large language models have been widely adopted but require significant GPU memory...

[D] Drift Detection: Automated Monitoring for Production ML

One of the elements of an MLOps pipeline is drift detection, which helps you monitor model performance over time and identify when it's time for retraining. Once you've successfully deployed models and are running live inferences in production, you'll encounter yet another obstacle: monitoring model performance over time. We monitor several model performance...

[D] How to use Ai to mix images together ?

Bonjour everybody, I’m a professional artist from France, and I’m really interested by Art assisted by Ai to boost my workflow or give me more inspiration, and creating a final oil painting inspired by these Ai references. But problem : I’m pretty newb to Ai world and there is so many different to use. Usually, with my regular painting process, I just...

[D] How do you decide which ML algorithm will work on which data ?

So, ok I wanna know can you get intuition from data that this ML algorithm will work best for this data or just run all and compare each ones result ? Or there is some thumb rule ? submitted by /u/kanda_bhaji_pav [link] [comments]

[D] any good resources to learn/advance in ML and AI?

youtube, websites, ect. submitted by /u/sonderind [link] [comments]

NLP Project [P] for Master's Thesis

I am doing an Online master's program [P] and need recommendations on the topic for a master's thesis. Background: I am data scientist with 10 years of experience but have done only 1-2 projects in NLP/Vision. I've been trying to learn transformers and others deep learning techniques recently. Thought it will be a good idea to take up a topic that covers...

[D] Temporal generalisation in Transformer networks

Hi, I've been trying to understand temporal generalisation/extrapolation in transformers and i have had conflicting information regarding the capacity of transformers to do the same from various papers. I guess lstms and transformers can do linear extrapolation but nothing otherwise. Is there a way to do parametric extrapolation in transformers ? Any...

[D][R] How to write Latex code like in CLIP paper?

Hello everyone, I wonder how can I write code-like like in this CLIP paper, page 5? It seems like the code listing tutorial of Overlead is not what I need: submitted by /u/AerysSk [link] [comments]

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