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What do people think of george hotz? [D]

Personally i think he has a big ego and he's upset he's not working with the big tech companies that he keeps shitting on in youtube videos. I'm not an expert though which is why I am asking in this sub. submitted by /u/Luca715 [link] [comments]

[D] Interview with the VP of Research at NVIDIA on ML Research & Research at NVIDIA

Hi All, I run a non-monetised, ad-free podcast a service to the community where I interview my ML Heroes. I had the privilege to interview one of the pioneers of the ML: Bryan Catanzaro about his journey into ML, Research at NVIDIA and beyond. Video Audio If you have any suggestions on how to improve the podcast or any guest recommendations, I'd...

Understanding Moment Generating Function (MGF) In Detail "[N]","[R]"

In this tutorial we will see what are moment generating functions and how they are useful in machine learning and probability theory. This is an in-depth guide explaining the derivation of moment generating function along with the relationship between raw and central moments. Please let me know your invaluable suggestions on it. Thank you!

[P] ML With Android 11

Hey, I open-sourced this repo by me demonstrating how you can get started with Machine Learning in Android 11, all that is new. I further even explain how the code works so you can very easily get started with implementing Machine Learning in your Android apps with cool examples! Leave me a star if this looks good to you, helps me a lot.

[D] Quality Contributions Roundup 9/14

Last quality roundup thread can be found here: To encourage quality contributions, the mods will periodically collate a set of quality technical discussions on /r/MachineLearning. Of course, we haven't read every comment on /r/MachineLearning, and what we consider...

[D] Should one treat bike rider and pedestrian as the same class for traffic datasets?

I am working on classified vehicle count. I have multiple vehicles and a pedestrian class in my dataset. Merging bike riders and pedestrian class concerns me because of different orientations. But on the other hand, if don't merge them I encounter multiple false positives of bike riders as pedestrians. Also, if I annotate bike riders as pedestrians...

[D] Which vocoder is the best for speech synthesis in your opinion?

I have been considering and experimenting with several open-source vocoders, and am wondering what the community thinks about the pros and cons of each. None of the parallels the quality of google's wavenet voices yet when used with Tacotron2 IMO. Their reconstruction from ground truth audio is all great, so it might just be an issue with Tacotron2...

[D] Hyperparameter tuning starting for a check checkpoint?

Is it appropriate to use a checkpoint to speed-up the hyperparameter tuning process? I've got a limited amount of compute resources available and need to finalize a semantic segmentation model that is rather large. My thought was to save the weights after 50 or so epochs using a "typical" choice of hyperparameters and then being each iteration of Bayesian...

[D] How to know the significance of each input feature for machine learning classification task

[D] hey guys, I was working on an ECG signal classifier where the input is a signal array, and I wanted to know the significance of each part in the signal to the model itself. I have watched this lecture of Stanford talking about different ways of input visualizations but for CNNs, so is there a way to do the same for LSTMs or normal Dense neural networks?...

[R] GeDi: Generative Discriminator Guided Sequence Generation Abstract: Class-conditional language models (CC-LMs) can be used to generate natural language with specific attributes, such as style or sentiment, by conditioning on an attribute label, or control code. However, we find that these models struggle to control generation when applied to out-of-domain prompts or unseen...

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