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In the US/Europe, what could an entry level Data scientist expect to earn?

If I did a MS in Data science from an American/European university, what salary can I expect in my first job in Data science/Data analytics in US/Europe specifically? submitted by /u/TheBenevolentTitan [link] [comments]

If you want to run SQL queries on CSV files from the command line without installing/opening any DBMS software, use CSVKIT

It happens at times that we don't need to create a database/table, just run some SQL queries on CSV files to test data. Use a python package CSVKIT. -Install the package with PIP. -Run the command on command line- csvsql --query "ENTER YOUR SQL QUERY HERE" FILE_NAME.csv You can also save the output to a separate CSV file. submitted by /u/bad_scientista...

Research Interviews vs Job/Internship Interviews

How difficult are research interviews compared to Job/Internship interviews? I'm getting prepared for a Bioinformatics research position for Professor Quon and I hope that I can potentially get it 🙂🙂🙂 submitted by /u/jefftheaggie69 [link] [comments]

I’m really nervous that nobody will hire me once I graduate and don’t know what to do in the meantime...

I'm 25. For the past three years I worked in sports analytics. Basically data collection, explaining data, and helping with strategy rollout. Next to no day-to-day experience with Excel, SQL, Python, whatever. My job was very niche and now that I've left that industry because it's been crippled by COVID, I'm just looking for jobs to survive. The job...

Any experience with Pathrise?

I'm wondering if anyone here has used Pathrise to find a job, and if they would recommend it submitted by /u/pfm_18 [link] [comments]

Coming up on 1 year of being a data scientist. What’s next?

A year ago I was graduating with a masters and signing the papers for my first job in data science. All has gone well so far. At first I thought I wasn’t nearly tech savvy or math minded to belong but I’ve improved in those areas and I’m learning I bring other things to the table. My question for the senior scientists out there is: what should I be...

Is there any practical use of case based reasoning anymore? Any data scientist use it at all?

submitted by /u/Potato_Tg [link] [comments]

Can I be a data scientist with good output

First of all I'm a mechanical graduate and I'm very much interested in data science after graduation yet it has been 1yr I got awareness about data science and data analysis Can anyone please suggest me how can I be good at data science submitted by /u/Leelaah_saiee [link] [comments]

Entry level position needs a PhD with 3-5 years experience!?

Is it an entry "entry level", or I've got a PhD and 5 years experience "entry level"? Job ad submitted by /u/masher_oz [link] [comments]

Has anyone worked with multiprocessing?

I'm trying to run an evolutionary algorithm on a problem that I have and it takes days to process. So, I thought I'd try to speed it up with some parallel processing! Calculating the fitness and generating each population, seemed like great opportunities for multiprocessing, but it's about broke my brain. Edit: grammar (like I said: Brain's broken)...

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