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How to interact with large volume of csv data on Google Drive (~3-400GB)

Hi people, I have been searching on Google for the answer but since I'm pretty new to handling this much data, I hope someone more experienced can give me some advice. Basically I have around 300-400GB of csv up on Google Drive right now that I want to analyze. I upload it there since I don't have enough space in my laptop. I am currently unemployed...

How to find a data science mentor for career path and direction.

As the title states, does anyone have any experience in linking up with a mentor who can advise you to focus on A, ignore B, and learn C in regards to career path? A bit about my situation: I have a master's in DS and 8 months experience as a junior data scientist at a telecommunications company. Mainly work in python, pyspark, airflow, and all things...

How can I get self employed in data science?

I’m 18 and am looking to get a degree in computer science (specialising in data science), I’ve always wanted a way of life where I can be my own boss, even though it is difficult initially. What are the potential routes I can take to fulfil this goal? Could you please be as detailed as possible, thanks in advance! submitted by /u/Huskyy23 [link]...

[Tutorial] Inversion Sampling - A Simple Solution to a Popular Interview Question

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Rejected from a lot of interviews. Losing all hope.

I hope this post doesn't violate the guidelines of this sub. I am trying for a job change as a Data Scientist for the last 8 months. I am working under a manager who has indirectly told me that he will never promote me and after a few months, I might be reporting to my, now, juniors. I am stuck in a very bad situation. I have more than 3 years of work...

Who is a data scientist these days?

Ok, guys, tell me the truth. From what I know, I've got this impression that data scientist is these days just glorified data analysis and that the person who develop DL models is actually called "Research Scientist". What you think? submitted by /u/BeggarInSpain [link] [comments]

Question about experiment setup for food two-way market places

I recently received this two-parter question during a case study interview. The rest of the interview went well but I couldn't help but feel that there might be better experiment designs for the following question, and was hoping to learn more from the community. This is a two-parter; Let's say a food delivery service is thinking of launching a happy...

Should I demand a raise if my boss asked me to manage new hires?

We’ve had two data science positions open up at our company and my boss was interested in having me manage the eventual new hires. I’m hesitant because they are in a different time zone (3 hours behind, so I would have to adjust my working schedule) and I’m unsure if there will be a raise. They would be considered my direct reports and I would have...

Deploying and Hosting a Machine Learning Model with FastAPI and Heroku

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Side Business

Have any of you experimented with "private Consulting"? By this i mean offering analytics to smaller organizations or organizations seeking a one time analysis. I was thinking about this is an idea but hoping there was a proof of concept somewhere out there. Thanks! submitted by /u/NotSodiumFree [link] [comments]

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