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Can we put an end to Gallup already?

1- They use datascience to engineer results, not to get results. 2- They use archaic methods most of the times, not modern data science. Their charts are generated by 80s ISS software. 3- Their surveys are unscientific. Most of them contain binary questions. I've read a bunch of survey books, such as Page's, and they all recommend against two-answer...

Coding with no oversight?

I know this may be a stupid question but I was looking at data science job postings and some of them claim that you should be able to code without any “oversight”. Does anyone knows what that means? submitted by /u/Joshua200217 [link] [comments]

Optimizing Model Performance across a Categorical variable

I am trying to solve a binary prediction problem. About the data, I have cross-sectional consumer data. Consumers are already divided into categories by a variable named 'ctg'. There are about 15 such categories. This variable is a feature in my binary prediction model. Now for each consumer, I want to predict the probability of default in the next...

Do people have luck using "modern" resume templates?

I have been using the same very traditional resume template for about 7 years now. It lists my skills, professional experience, education, and personal projects in sequential order, separated by dividers, with headings in bold font. It's very average looking. Nowadays, I see more and more people adopting more modern templates that look cooler and more...

Has anyone used the MedDRA ontology for a data science project for work or school?

I would love to know what you did. submitted by /u/immunobio [link] [comments]

Just got promoted and I'm freaking out. Can anyone give me some pieces of wisdom?

I'm a data scientist at a medium sized company with a very small data department. It was three people, but now it's two and I've been promoted to team lead. I've passed on the opportunity before because I'm not sure I can lead the team and interface with seniors. But I'm by far the more senior of the two remaining people so I can't get out of it. Can...

How should I go about improving my data science skills?

I’m a ML enthusiast and I feel like I have a strong level of skill for the ML part of the job. However, I also know that is, like, 10% of the job. I feel like I’m terrible at knowing how to look at data and how to interpret it and get meaningful insights. How do I get better at this? What’s are resources you recommend for improving this school? submitted...

"Slow to hire, but quick to fire" - Am I shooting myself in the foot with this position?

Hey all, I just did a screening interview with a manager at a small data science consulting firm and he said they typically bring people on as full-time temps with no benefits for a couple months before hiring as full-time employees if they perform well and fit well with the culture. His phrase was "Slow to hire, but quick to fire", which instantly...

Career advice for DS/Product Management

I graduated in mechanical engineering and have been working in a data science position for the past month or so. I learned python and ML on my own time. Can someone tell me what skills/certifications I should focus on to get into product management? submitted by /u/Uzairxy [link] [comments]

Data science projects for climate change?

Does anyone know of any jobs or groups I can volunteer with to use data science to help fix climate change? submitted by /u/banubot [link] [comments]

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