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Which subject/course to focus on to become a Data Scientist / Data Engineer

hello fellow DS-redditors. I myself am a 29 year old guy from Europe and after many offsets in my life I'm finally on the rise again with some positivity and daring to look to the future. I managed to get myself a pretty good job as a Data Specialist (title), but it seems more of a Data Entry type of job. The company itself is huge though and very...

Data Science vs Mathematics & Statistics degree at the OU

Hello everyone, There was a similar post to this posted a while back but it didnt really get much engagement from the community so I thought I'd ask it again but make it personal to me and my situation. I'd really appreciate it if you could look at the modules in these degrees and give your opinion on which one I should go for and why. To give you...

Mapping designations with department and seniority level. How should I go about it.

I've a data set of all the designations in a company. I've to map them against company functions and the corresponding seniority level. Any idea how should I go about it? submitted by /u/bhole007 [link] [comments]

Suggestions for a Masters Program

This is might be a long post so please bear with me. I am currently working as a DS in a US based healthcare startup for 2+ years and planning to start an offline masters program next year. I am avoiding US schools due to personal reasons and I cant pick a school in Australia beacuse apparently they are not even allowing existing students into the country...

What are the Top Emerging 5 Data Science Trends?

submitted by /u/HDataBhavesh [link] [comments]

Making my career path

Hello people, I'm a 23 yo physics student and I want to work in econophysics with quantum computing, and I don't know if start doing some courses in data science or machine learning or wait to finish my physics degree, how I would have to start thinking my studies? A job in data science would give me some tools for my future Job or are useless? submitted...

Z-score: The intuitive way - why normalization is necessary and how z-score allows better interpretation of data

submitted by /u/cheerfulboy [link] [comments]

Power Automate for ML workflows?

I'm working for a new team that basically has no software engineers. The team is trying hard to build a data set for ML-related work related to their domain knowledge, which is very deep. Generating the data requires repeatedly going through a slow workflow that involves some manualy copy/pasting files across share drive and SharePoint, executing some...

Are there sites/projects/resources that one could practice with data sets in some capacity to increase analytical skills?

I have a BS in Anthropology and I'm currently in an MPH program. Unfortunately, my program is not epidemiology specific so I want to work on my biostats and analytical skills in addition to my coursework. I am planning to apply for a PhD in Anthropology after the MPH, and want to be able to apply skills academically and professionally. I would really...

interested in getting a job in entertainment (the big names would be paramount pictures, Disney, etc) so what can i do to bolster my resume?

hey everyone, im shifting from academia/astronomy to industry and have been applying to all kinds of jobs in ds. since im new i haven't caught too much attention, but i got lucky and work for cognizant as a ds consultant. during my interview process i had the most fun and felt most excited about leaving astronomy for the tv/movie industry. im sure this...

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