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What Kind of Algorithms Should I Learn?

Hello all, I'm an undergraduate (junior) studying psychology with a minor in statistics and I am interested in becoming a data scientist after graduating college. As of yet, I have taken multivariable calculus and some probability and inferential statistics courses. I use R extensively for my lab work and I'm self-teaching myself python now. I'm obviously...

Performance over looping over a 400k row dataset

I hope I can convey the issue properly. So, I have a dataset with 400k rows, the size is around 30MB. I did not expect there will be any issues at all with dataset size this small. It has some unique IDs and some duplicate IDs for processes and entry and exit time stamps for these processes. The task is to find out simultaneous processes going on, the...

Basically being harassed by a recruiter?

Good morning fellow data scientists. I'm currently working as a Data Scientist in the pharma industry, but I'm looking to make the jump to a different industry, so I've been casually looking and applying to jobs via LinkedIn. I keep getting messages from a particular recruiter with some manipulative language like: " I have messaged you quite a few...

Solve PyTorch's `CUDA error: out of memory` with 1 line of code

I'm working on a fast PyTorch wrapper that solves OOM error automatically. Project Link This project aims to be as flexible as possible, and to be applied on existing PyTorch code. I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Suggestions are appreciated! submitted by /u/b06901038g [link] [comments]

Quitting Data Analyst role with no job lined up?

I'm in a data analyst role right now at a company with horrendously bad track record of data/data culture All my work is internally focused and have been trying hard to drive some form of data cultural over the last year. It has gone nowhere. Attempts to form a decentralized team of data representatives failed (not a full blown team, but just a 'board'...

Predicting similar behaviors

I was given a cohort of customers to analyze. These customers didn't start at the same time, so some have been with us for years, some only a year or two. Throughout their life at some points some customers bought more products, upgraded their license,etc. . The data is time series: what each attributes look like, what product they have at each time...

WILL REWARD!.. Need help interpreting advanced graphs.

If anyone can help me/teach me with my work I will be more than willing to give some form of payment or reward to say thank you! I have been stuck on the last part of the homework for days now. It is basically interpreting (in text) some residual/fitted plots, added variable plots and an influence plot. If you know what you are doing there is not really...

[Discussion] What would be the best algorithm in Python to use for a text classifier?

I'm going to look at making a hate speech classifier from Twitter data. I'll have about 100k tweets and plan to use either TextBlob or NRCLex to do sentiment analysis to label the data. I'm thinking NRCLex as it'll give different type of labels instead of just positive, negative and neutral. My question is, what would be the best algorithm to then classify...

When to go for an 'easy' time-series model vs. using a complex deep learning model (when having experience with the latter)

In summary, I have to recommend & implement a demand forecasting model in a enterprise business environment where ML is basically absent. Linear regressions are commonplace for a lot of 'forecasting' applications and if you'd use holt-winters then you're a senior data scientist and people think you're performing black magic trickery. I'm a data...

How did you learn to code?

submitted by /u/Kobedoggg [link] [comments]

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