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Validating a Gaussian Process model

I’ve been self-studying gaussian processes; watching videos, reading papers and blogs, and started with the Rasmussen & Williams book. I’m still quite a way from fully grasping it. Now, gaussian processes is a non-parametric model, requiring access to all the training data when making predictions. I’m often coming across the information that GPs...

What is everyone's opinion on an MSc Data Science (Bioinformatics and Biological modeling) course?

Hello, I have a background in life sciences and I wasn't expecting to get accepted into this course so I'm happy about that. I'd like to hear from actual professionals about the scope and viability of this degree specifically as it's not just plain 'Data science', thank you! submitted by /u/riiyoreo [link] [comments]

[P] What are all of the Improvements the recent neural network use?

Hi, I'm currently going through a learning journey. I have created a vanilla neural network from scratch and I want to document what are the improvements that can be applied on. I'm only working toward the multi layer ANN, I don't want to tackle with others like CNN, RNN, LSTM, Transformers and so on, for the moment being. From my own research I have...

I built an app that lets you collect and annotate training data simultaneously using just your phone. Let me know if you’d like to try it for your own image, audio, and motion data collection efforts!

Play video on reddit submitted by /u/Playgroundai [link] [comments]

Complete Overview Of Data Science!

submitted by /u/geeksforgeeks [link] [comments]

Interview Question Help - How do you identify if your classification algorithm for unbalanced classes has overfit?

Hey, I'm not sure how to identify the said thing. Please let me know if anyone knows about it. ​ Thanks! submitted by /u/secret_4ever13 [link] [comments]

Most Accurate Algo For Predicting 1 Currency Vs Another By

Hi, Have a project where i have to predict certain currencies against another for next 3-6 months eg: CHF VS USD AUD VS USD AED VS USD etc. So far i have only seen the very short term forex trading ones LSTM etc albeit very briefly. Does any algo also incorporates data such as from tradingeconomics com? Would be much grateful for any guidance or help....

I am pursuing a master's in DS. What extra skills should I learn to stay afloat, because AI will surely contract the tech workforce.

And the what does the future look like for us data scientists/analysts? submitted by /u/PresidentOfSerenland [link] [comments]

‎Learning from Machine Learning: Vincent Warmerdam: Calmcode, Open Source, Explosion, Data Science | Learning From Machine Learning #2 on Apple Podcasts

submitted by /u/NLPnerd [link] [comments]

Data for non science peeps

Data for non science background people Hi everyone, i come from a finance background and want to move into data. I'm not sure whether I should start with data analysi, data science, data engineering, BI, etc. So many things out there which makes it equally confusing for me to choose from. I don't know if data even is for me. At the same time i don't...

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