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Paradox of the Data Scientist: At what point do you stop being a data analyst and start becoming a data scientist?

If someone isn't degree-bearing (DS specifically, not just in general) but has the background to build DS concepts and abilities upon, and the person continues to progress in learning, what is the magic point where the transition occurs? I think that a better way to ask this question might also be: what skills are essential for a data scientist to posses...

pyradox: State of the art neural networks

🎉 Introducing pyradox: a python library that helps you with implementing various state of the art neural networks in a totally customizable fashion using TensorFlow 2. You can find pyradox here: Check out how it can be used to Detect location of Keypoints on face images:

What is G42?

During the McGregor fight, a company named G42 ran a prime time ad. They're promoting themselves as an "AI and cloud computing company". I've never heard of this company before and after 30 mins of research it seems a bit fishy? What do they do? Has anyone heard of them before? submitted by /u/KyleDrogo [link] [comments]

if her p-value <0.05

Reject that Ho submitted by /u/TrulyLimitless [link] [comments]

Does number of chess puzzles solved influence average player rating after controlling for total hours played? A critical two-factor analysis based on data from (statistical analysis - part 6)

submitted by /u/Aestheticisms [link] [comments]

My Experience as an Undergraduate AI Researcher

submitted by /u/Goodd0ctor [link] [comments]

Multivariate Normal Distributions

I am trying to teach myself about the multivariate normal distribution and I am struggling to understand some basic things about it. To show my confusion, I use the famous Iris Flower dataset (I will use the R programming language for some basic scripts). The Iris Flower dataset has 5 columns and 150 rows. Each row contains the measurements for an individual...

Data science and International relations / policy formation ?

Hey there , I'm not much aware about the field of data science ; I've to write on the relation between data science and International relations if possible ( due to urgency ) is it possible to write on it and can there be a link drawn between these 2 subjects in a way on which a decent paper can be written ? If yes please give atleast a small explanation...

Siuba – A Dplyr Port to Python

submitted by /u/binaryfor [link] [comments]

THE AI-POWERED ONLINE FITTING ROOM: VOGUE. A game-changer for online shopping and photography? Let me know what you think

Google used a modified GAN architecture to create an online fitting room where you can automatically try-on any pants or shirts you want using only an image of yourself. It is a very popular artificial algorithm mainly used for faces that they adapted for this application which could be a game-changer for online shopping and photography? Let me know...

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