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Databricks connect or dbx - worth the hassle?

Hi! We've been working with Azure Databricks for a few months and are really starting to get annoyed with the Azure Databricks "IDE". I'm looking into connecting our instance with Visual Studio Code using Databricks Connect or dbx. However, there seems to be quite a hassle to keep that running smoothly. E.g. making sure package versions are the same...

How far will data farming go deep in filth?

So, this all starts with a story(I'll try to explain in short). I liked someone and they got into a relationship with someone else. I was discussing this with a friend on Instagram dms, and after some hours, I see that there are videos such as "what do I take as a preworkout? thoughts of her being with someone else"(yes I do workout and go to gym) and...

I'm an undergraduate student seeking employment opportunities in analytics and data science field. What are your thoughts on my resume? I made this resume in a rush during career fair, any feedback from you would be appreciated!

submitted by /u/jelkyanna [link] [comments]

I got two job offer. One is from product based company and another from service based company.

The service based company is paying 30% more money. I am a fresher. And have no experience. Both of them are offering jobs for data scientists. Which one will be better for career growth? Which one will pay more in the long term? Please help me out submitted by /u/Inzy01 [link] [comments]

below average coding + math == ME!!!!!!!

Thank god, this field still has rooms for frauds like me. I hope I can level up before they find out and get rid of me. submitted by /u/THE_REAL_ODB [link] [comments]

How can you train SQL skills outside of work?

I'm still searching for a job/internship, but SQL is pretty much required everywhere. I have a ton of projects but I always use Python with CSV/JSON, with Pandas or the csv module, and R in some cases. The closest I was to SQL was setting up a REST API with Django and you don't need to even touch any SQL for that anyway.. I took a 4 hours course on...

Very confused what tools to use for Data Science internship (scikit-learn vs PySpark, Spark SQL and AutoML). Which one will look better for future internships?

Hi, I have a project where I need to connect multiple datasets that are hosted in Databricks and some other places and then build a predictive model. I'm glad that I get to do some ML related work this internship because I have no ML work on my resume although I've taken a coursera course on using scikit learn. My manager has left it up to me to use...

D3.js vs Altair

Hello all, For a project I am doing, I am required to show some data in a clear and understandable format, and embed it into a webpage to show users data trends/analytics. I was looking into a few options for data visualization libraries, and came across Altair and D3.js. I have worked with Altair before, but never D3.js. My question is, what are the...

For those working in tech companies as analysts, did you submit a cover letter when applying?

Assuming you didn't receive a data science job by promotion or by connection, or better yet if you're hiring, do you believe a cover letter is important in job applications? I've noticed that most companies use services like greenhouse to manage applications. A lot of them have a field for a cover letter which isn't required. I've personally previously...

Data lineage using Excel?

I am fairly new to data lineage and data science in general, but I was recently tasked to come up with the best solution for data lineage for this particular use case: We have a database with many tables and columns. Reports are generated by combining Views and other data elements or metrics in Tableau. I like to think of Views as a logical table that...

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