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From 0-40 to 4-0 in grand finals, Shanghai Dragons are Overwatch League champions

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Free Entry $100 Competitions

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Sombra and Bastion reworks for Overwatch 2 unveiled during OWL finals

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Tell me about your favorite ESport!!

I am looking for help discovering and watching some of the greatest games, Matches, tourneys, and storylines from the history of Esports! I’ve grown up watching everything from StarCraft and Halo, to Tabletop and the FGC but I want to know more. Tell me what to watch or where to find them. Or if you have some time, come chat with me about what you love...

Cyclorama and acoustics

Hi everyone, I'm sorry if I might be posting in the wrong place but my google skillz isn't really good and most of my searches pointed me here and a few other subs. I'm just wondering how sounds are within a contained/closed room cyclorama? And if the acoustics are bouncing like crazy because of how flat the surface is what could be a possible solution?...

Melee pro Hax apologises to Leffen after comparing him to Hitler in 2 video

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ScreaM's younger brother joins to Team Liquid VALORANT roster

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Are fighting games dead in 2021?

I understand MOBAs, FPSs, and even stuff like MTG and Hearthstone are all alive and well because they pack a lotta action. But fighting games are wicked old and its not like the fans jave went anywhere. EVO is still a thing with legit pros, real prize pools and good viewership for events. So why does normal viewership on twitch and YouTube feel like...

Why is it difficult to find sponsors for small teams?

We are a very small clan, founded in 1998, which at the height of success has reached the top positions of the European Battlefield ladder, then the decline.. Italy was not ready for eSports, much less to accept players who felt they were athletes but did not have an organization that recognized them as such... The years pass, the players come and...

Kryptix steps down from Team Liquid active roster

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