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smart steering when competing

looking thru the playvs mk8 rule book and it doesn’t specify anywhere if you can use smart steering or not (and other things like auto accelerate) so i just wanted to see if anyone knows if you can use smart steer during matches submitted by /u/suhoult91 [link] [comments]

Wholesome of esport - During Saudi street fighter V tournament, Beautiful and emotional match between father and son

submitted by /u/Bigbadsin [link] [comments]

Riot Games starts deleting permanently old League of Legends Accounts this month

submitted by /u/WellIllTakeOneMore [link] [comments]

India had a Valorant LAN - Here's How It Went submitted by /u/RushindraSinha [link] [comments]

A-levels, done! Now to find esports enjoyers at your university!

Congratulations on getting into university! Now that you're thinking about what activities to get involved in for the upcoming year, it’s the perfect time to get stuck in with everything UK university esports has to offer. NSE (National Student Esports) NSE is the official body of university esports in the UK and is partnered with British Universities...

Total prize money of $40,000! ASUS is hosting the ROG Masters APAC 2022 - Rainbow Six Siege tournament in Asia!

submitted by /u/funglr_games [link] [comments]

My thoughts on multiversus

submitted by /u/UnicornGriffen4Real [link] [comments]

I made an LCS Playoffs Predictions graphic! Locking in my picks early. Tell me what you think!

I've spent the last couple of days rewatching some games and looking at the stats between teams, and finally decided to put my thoughts to picture. These are going to be some really close game, and I can't wait to see how playoffs shapes up this time. Who do you have to win the whole thing?

Jojopyun being chaotic and controversial

submitted by /u/Only-Funct [link] [comments]

Introduction to Esports: Session 6 | Adam Salim

submitted by /u/AdamMzeleaSalim [link] [comments]

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