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.ns tld

Does anyone know how can one get a .ns domain? Or if it's even possible? thanks submitted by /u/megarocket [link] [comments]

Atropos - Stunning touch-friendly 3D parallax hover effects

submitted by /u/nikbelikov [link] [comments]

Video Streaming Cost Standards

Hi guys I am new here. I checked the rules hope this is not in violation. I am building a video streaming website, naturally doing research for server costs. Anywhere I go it seems to me companies offer plans for 10TB 20TB outbound and then bill you for overage. 0.01, 0.03 so on. Well I am looking at 800TB monthly outbound to begin with and this doesnt...

A question, so I'm thinking of developing a site and I'm aiming for to give the most importance to the pc viewers. Now things that I want to make on pc won't look good on mobile displays so I'm thinking of having an entirety different site for phones? I just wanna know will it mess up loading time?

Basically would this increase the loading time significantly for the site as a whole? submitted by /u/isthisneeded29 [link] [comments]

Sending push notifications with Bubble.io

submitted by /u/k8l2911 [link] [comments]

Some questions about cypress for automated testing

Hi, I never used cypress before and I have a few questions: Right now I have 1 webapp repo and 1 mobile app repo (not a frontend microservice). Am I supposed to write Cypress in the webapp repo or separate repo? Can Cypress test mobile app too? Right now, my setup is I have tests run for pull requests and also for when pull requests are merged using...

How are these hero images made?

Hi reddit, I'm wondering if any of you can point me towards how images such as the one used in this hero section are created: https://www.verygoodsecurity.com/ (I've no affiliation with this site). If you notice the hero image is some kind of JS animation and there's a similar one about half way down the page that appears to be an actual video despite...

Is it me or is the Slack mobile app ridiculously slow in IOS?

What’s changed? It’s especially slow when flicking between different slack groups. I don’t recall ever being like that. I’m on an iPhone 8. Perhaps that could be the issue 🥲 submitted by /u/sbos_ [link] [comments]

Is a degree in web development worth it?

BAS (bachelors in applied science) in web development in Arizona state university. You can look up the classes online) Im active duty military so tuition will be 100% covered. I want to be in this career field but don’t know where to look. The classes look like they’re more geared toward graphic and ux design (which I’m also very interested in) but...

Existing frameworks for user authentication, payment processing, and API token management?

I'd like to build a web application that, at its core, is really an API service. The premise is, a user can register for free and generate an API key for free, and use the API with a limited quota of monthly/hourly/minutely calls. If the user wishes, he can upgrade to a paid plan, thus increasing his API quota. When I thinking about building my idea,...

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