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What are some good intermediate projects to have on your portfolio?

I am making an issue tracker site and it’s the most complex thing I’ve ever done. Other than that, all my other projects are too basic I think like weather app, to do app etc… I need to make one that is kind of in between complex and easy, preferably one that needs to do crud operations. submitted by /u/gtrman571 [link] [comments]

Why can’t I install SQL server express and what do I do? I need it spoken to me like I’m 5. Step by step. I’m frustrated beyond belief. I feel like I tried everything.

submitted by /u/ChipsnHotSalsa [link] [comments]

React State doesnt update in functions

In my code, I have a lot of functions that run other functions, the problem is that the state doesn't update. I'm pretty sure I know how this happens, due to the scoping, and how React changes the state. But I don't know how to fix it in a smart way. Take checkIsDone for example, it should log the qNumber everytime (in the code, just wait 10 seconds...

Has anyone here implemented AI in his day to day workflow?

With the rise of AI tools like chatGPT or github copilot I think it's only a matter of time until developers start using it to increase their productivity. So has anyone here already done something like that? submitted by /u/SleepAffectionate268 [link] [comments]

Where and how do I find clients?

I’m a freelancer and I’ve only got 1 job so far for $50 on upwork. I saw a post where people were talking about charging 3K-5K. I would be happy if I got a hundred bucks. I’ve sent many proposals on upwork and have a good portfolio website and a solid skill set. But I still can’t seem to find work. Are there any other places where I can land clients...

What is the benefit of using Vite in production as oppose to Webpack?

I agree that Vite is wonderful in development. the Hot Module Reloading makes life such a breeze to developers. But I can't seem to get an answer on the benefits of using Vite in a production environment compared to others. Does anyone know any? submitted by /u/EverydayEverynight01 [link] [comments]

Please evaluate my webdev skills, I have to find a job

Throwaway account to prevent doxing. Dear fellow devs, I am in need of an evaluation and would kindly ask you to share your opinion about my level of knowledge, the positions I could apply for, and potential earning power. I will first describe my situation (shortly) and then list my skills/accomplishments. In 2018 I started to learn PHP to build a...

are codewars accomplishment useful during an interview?

I mean, should I show my codewars challenges as a proof of my coding skills? submitted by /u/Dahmerino [link] [comments]

AI & Future

Will there be any jobs for web developers in future due to AI ? As we can create a website using ChatGpt in less then 20 minutes. submitted by /u/Lelouch_5 [link] [comments]

I have a question about the cost of WebDev?

I have recently acquired a small business client who was charged $60,000 USD for a WordPress site. The push was for SEO services and the dev just used the Yoast plugin. The site is only about 5 unique pages and has a bunch of dead/inactive (social media and blog) links as well. Do I tell the client he was overcharged or am I not charging enough for...

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