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Is anyone familiar with MIT License on Javascript web apps? Can I use a web app made in Javascript as it is (or with my CSS styling) on my website even for profit?

I found a web app made in Javascript that will be perfect for my website. I want to modify it, style it, and put some parts of it in a paid subscription while keeping the other parts free. Am I allowed to make a profit out of a Javascript app that I found under MIT license but made by someone else? The code was on GitHub. According to this website:...

Building my portfolio with Nuxt right now. Where to store images ?

Hello everyone, I'm currently building my IoT engineer portfolio and I have a some questions about images. Can you give me advices on the best practices ? I'm building my portfolio with Nuxt.JS (SSR) and I will use a dozen images here and here to illustrate each of my projects. - Is the website slower by storing them directly in the front (public...

My side project, an open-source dictionary app on your browsers, now supports playing spotify music

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Including a dynamic URL within an email

Hi all, Excuse me if this post is not appropriate for this subreddit - open to hearing better suggestions if so. **The aim is to dynamically generate a private invitation link within an email, used to register/login users** Only those with a link will be able to access the app, and they will otherwise remain anonymous (i.e no link to their email address...

Chrome DevTools: Refactor and improve your stylesheets with the CSS Overview Panel

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How many development hours would it be to implement Single Sign-On capability?

Hi guys, I just have a quick question: My company is in the process of integrating with a CX provider, and SSO is part of the scope. The CX provider has sent us a Metadata file from their system, and are requesting a Metadata file in return. Before requesting from our WebDev providers, I would appreciate it if anyone could give me a heads up so I can...

AssemblyScript is an easy to use WebAssembly compiler for TypeScript - it even offers new Types, like signed and unsigned integers

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The react tutorials on Youtube for clone apps.... do they create only frontend with react or they put backend also?

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Locale, Language and naming the parts they consist of?

I'm working on a large codebase, my task is the language system, and it's a lot of code. What I'm seeing now is they're using the words locale, language in a mix that doesn't make sense. It's confusing for me as well. Now I'm wondering what are the terms for these parts? ​ en-GB --> language + country_code? zh-Hans-HK --> language + dialect +...

Best web host for a handful of small projects?

Hey everybody. My current web host is shutting down and I have to move everything elsewhere. I'm wondering what today's best host is for my needs. I have my personal website, a few small projects, and a few friends' projects to migrate. Nothing gets much traffic, and nothing's particularly resource heavy. I've looked at Bluehost, but it's one of those...

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