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I Built a Netfiix Clone using React, Styled Components, Compound Components & Firebase

submitted by /u/Xiy [link] [comments]

Open sourced an examination software called Sophon

submitted by /u/SI2222 [link] [comments]

🚀 Open Source browser-based lecturing platform powered by WebRTC! ✏️

As a student, during this pandemic, I wanted a simple way to have online lectures that felt like in-person ones so I created liteboard.io! A lecturing platform powered by WebRTC and Janus with state-of-the-art drawing tools for anyone who wants to host their own lectures! I'm completing my second year of college next term and I would love to get some...

Im a beat maker, and i want to build a site like this. How do i do it? Do i need to know programming?

submitted by /u/yoyoguy17 [link] [comments]

What is a good resource to learn nodejs when you are already a decent front-end react developer?

submitted by /u/samgermain [link] [comments]

The History of the URL

submitted by /u/fagnerbrack [link] [comments]

🎬Neumorphism Login Form | HTML & CSS

Source Code: https://youtu.be/QWh0S-3D7uY submitted by /u/robson_muniz [link] [comments]

How do people write automated tests for frontend code? What frameworks are people using?

My development team has made a legitimate attempt to start writing and maintaining automated tests over the past year. (By Automated tests I mean Unit, Functional, and Integrated tests). All of our apps are SPAs which use Aurelia for our frontend development framework, and our backend uses ASP.Netcore. We have been using MSTest for backend tests and...

For a company who builds mobile apps why on earth is the business page like this. The Facebook devs got very lazy...

Play video on reddit submitted by /u/Trending_Gamer [link] [comments]

Do you like Sticky Navigation?

I read a few UX/UI articles on sticky navigation, notably this one from June that mentions some pro's and cons. I've always found sticky navigations to be a bit more finnicky, especially on mobile devices where screen real estate is already quite rough. But it is also nice to have all the important links right there. What are your thoughts? submitted...

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