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I created a space for makers to share startups/side projects

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Different content access privileges on one website

Hi, I'm trying to create content specific for visitors of a specific url. Is there away to have a website display extra content of visitors that come from a specific url? Note: I'm not concerned of security, so not interested in creating login permission. Please guide me of what tools/approach I should be looking at. Thanks submitted by /u/JackKellyAnderson...

Message for adblock

Hello, I have tried various "Show message to adblock users" scripts, but none of them worked. Since I don't have any ads on my website, and I never will, I want to show a message to the visitors of my website to whitelist the domain. submitted by /u/ARCyberLinux [link] [comments]

Icon Database, how to?

Hi all! So. I am working at a company that utilizes icons for their graphics department to make designs with. All those icons are stored in an illustrator file without names. It's a nightmare to sift trough all icons to find a specific one. Also there is no version control, the icon file is on a lot of computers and nobody can be sure to have the current...

Web Development just as Income

Hey all, due to the current state of the world and me being a recent college graduate (with a degree that doesn't easily find jobs), I've been doing my research and have been seriously considering web development as a career choice. I have essentially no experience (I recently followed an HTML tutorial just to see if I'd like it) but have always been...

TIL there is a Google Chrome comic book that does a deep dive into how Chrome works

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git commit accepts several message flags (-m) to allow multiline commits

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Is it hard to find a job in silicon Valley as a self taught web developer?

Hello, I am pretty new to web development, I'm still learning and making projects, haven't started applying for jobs yet. Anyways, my whole family is from San Jose and I would like to move back there one day. I know silicon Valley is a pretty saturated place so I am worried I won't be able to find work as a rather inexperienced self taught developer....

proper way to generate and store sessions for authentication

So my stack is: VueJs2, Python (Falcon API on PyPy with Gunicorn), PostGresql, and I'm considering redis. I wanted to explore using sessions in this project, and storing them to Redis. Could someone help me to understand the proper auth flow for when a user comes to login? In my flow, I am following these steps, but unclear of what is next: 1) user...

Proof of site activity

Anyone able to point me in the direction of a program that shows website users activity of other viewers for social proofing the site? IE a program that says ‘Eric downloaded this pdf 20 minutes ago’ as encouragement to get your viewers to interact. Thanks! Googling is not helping me with this one... submitted by /u/kirschpostit [link] [comments]

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