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Using white space to direct users where you want them to go…

I never realized this, but I was just scrolling through Amazon Web Services hosting plans, specifically looking at the S3 page to see if it was a good fit for me, when I realized something about their UX. The top 1/3 of the page is completely dark, making it very easy on the eyes and comfortable to read. Then there’s a sharp transition to bright white,...

Button to create a new tweet with custom media

Hey! I am researching but haven't found anything conclusive on how to add a button on my website that lets a user create a new tweet with a custom image that they generated on my site. Does anybody know if there is a react library for this or even possible without having to previously upload the image to twitter? Thanks! submitted by /u/Pessimisticoptimist0...

Would anyone care to analyze a GCP Architecture/Infrastructure quote we received? Seems steep and a bit slow.

Apologies if this is not appropriate for the forum (any advice otherwise?). I have a quote from a third-party company (basically a sole developer, though), to setup a GCP architecture with roughly the requirements listed below, and I'm wondering if anyone could determine if it might be overpriced. I'm also wondering where the best place might be to...

HOW TO INTERACT WITH APIS FROM A WEB APP: we are going to build a URL shortening web app using the fetch function to interact with an external service

submitted by /u/joaomeloplus [link] [comments]

I createad a marketpalce for GitHub repositories

submitted by /u/oli799 [link] [comments]

I made a Battleship Game Engine using javascript

Play video on reddit submitted by /u/arnoldochavez [link] [comments]

Is putting grid into a grid box instead of flex box in a grid box jenky?

I’ve sort of anchored to grid as a frame for building; flexbox always frustrated me when learning. But if someone looked at my code who really knew front end, would it look jenky just “nesting doll” grid? submitted by /u/anonoman925 [link] [comments]

Adaptive Cards - platform-agnostic snippets of UI, authored in JSON, that apps and services can openly exchange. When delivered to a specific app, the JSON is transformed into native UI that automatically adapts to its surroundings

submitted by /u/magenta_placenta [link] [comments]

I can't put my question into words

Typescript to JavaScript Sass to CSS and let's say Emmett to make HTML easier Will there ever be a third layer super set language for them? Emmet is a boring text expander it's not on the same level of advanced features submitted by /u/WeakLiberal [link] [comments]

If you can remember your skill level when starting your first Jr/Entry Role, what things did you learn that helped you adapt and grow the most professionally?

Finally landed my first role! Excited but beyond nervous and wondering what you guys did or learned (soft skill or any fundamentals of your language ANYTHING) that helped with the transition from self taught to being a professional with expectations pressure. I don’t want to mess up this chance and want to prepare properly and set myself up to do well...

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