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Researchers create realistic virtual rodent

To help probe the mystery of how brains control movement, scientists have created a virtual rat with an artificial brain that can move around just like a real rodent. The researchers found that activations in the virtual control network accurately predicted neural activity measured from the brains of real rats producing the same behaviors.

Wed Jun 12, 2024 15:13
Female AI 'teammate' generates more participation from women

An artificial intelligence-powered virtual teammate with a female voice boosts participation and productivity among women on teams dominated by men, according to new research.

Wed Jun 12, 2024 04:11
Virtual reality as a reliable shooting performance-tracking tool

Virtual reality technology can do more than teach weaponry skills in law enforcement and military personnel, a new study suggests: It can accurately record shooting performance and reliably track individuals' progress over time.

Wed Jun 12, 2024 04:11
Designing environments that are robot-inclusive

To overcome issues associated with real-life testing, researchers successfully demonstrated the use of digital twin technology within robot simulation software in assessing a robot's suitability for deployment in simulated built environments.

Wed Jun 12, 2024 00:07
Best of both worlds: Innovative positioning system enhances versatility and accuracy of drone-viewpoint mixed reality applications

Researchers have developed an innovative positioning system that enhances the versatility and accuracy of drone-viewpoint mixed reality (MR) applications by aligning real and virtual world coordinates without predefined routes. By integrating visual positioning systems and natural feature-based tracking, this technology is expected to be applied to...

Tue Jun 11, 2024 23:06
People feel more connected to 'tweezer-like' bionic tools that don't resemble human hands

Some say the next step in human evolution will be the integration of technology with flesh. Now, researchers have used virtual reality to test whether humans can feel embodiment -- the sense that something is part of one's body -- toward prosthetic 'hands' that resemble a pair of tweezers. They report that participants felt an equal degree of embodiment...

Fri Jun 7, 2024 01:53

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