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Recreating the natural light-harvesting nanorings in photosynthetic bacteria

Photosynthesis in plants and some bacteria relies on light-harvesting (LH) supramolecules, which come in different structures. So far, these LH molecules have not been artificially prepared. In a recent study, scientists managed to synthesize LH nanorings via self-assembly of chlorophyll derivatives and examined the external conditions that drove their...

Researchers complete first real-world study of Martian helicopter dust dynamics

Researchers have completed the first real-world study of Martian dust dynamics based on Ingenuity's historic first flights on the Red Planet, paving the way for future extraterrestrial rotorcraft missions. The work could support NASA's Mars Sample Return Program, which will retrieve samples collected by Perseverance, or the Dragonfly mission that will...

Study finds obesity-related neurodegeneration mimics Alzheimer's disease

A new study finds a correlation between neurodegeneration in obese people and Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients, suggesting that losing excess weight could slow cognitive decline in aging and lower risk for AD.

Do sleep medications increase your chances of dementia?

A new study shows that sleep medications increase the risk of dementia in whites. But the type and quantity of the medication may be factors in explaining the higher risk.

Silver nanoparticles show promise in fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria

A new study found that small amounts of silver nanoparticles combined with a low dose of a common antibiotic inhibited the growth of resistant bacteria.

Thin, lightweight layer provides radiation barrier for perovskites in space, protection from elements on Earth

An ultrathin protective coating proves sufficient to protect a perovskite solar cell from the harmful effects of space and harden it against environmental factors on Earth, according to newly published research.

Artificial intelligence aids discovery of super tight-binding antibodies

Scientists developed an artificial intelligence tool that could accelerate the development of new high affinity antibody drugs.

New insights on why improvements to Chesapeake Bay remain a challenge

A new look at the history of water quality in the Chesapeake Bay sheds light on how the estuary has responded to nutrient reduction efforts and why improvements have remained a major challenge. Environmental science researchers looked at the Bay's historic response to efforts to reduce nutrients to minimize dead zones -- areas with too little oxygen...

Study finds how our brains turn into smarter disease fighters

Combating Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases by inserting healthy new immune cells into the brain has taken a leap toward reality. Neuroscientists have found a way to safely thwart the brain's resistance to them, vaulting a key hurdle in the quest.

Mocktails or cocktails? Having a sense of purpose in life can keep binge drinking at bay

A new study reveals that having a sense of purpose in daily life can influence college students' decisions on day-to-day alcohol consumption.

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