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Solving Problems Through Content Curation

Solid content curation can amp up your content marketing game, extend your reach and your resources, and add value to your blog. Find out how.

How to Redirect URLs on WordPress

If you update or migrate your website, you risk broken links and your SEO rankings. Learn how you can implement redirects on your WordPress site.

Comparing Bing vs. Google with Semrush

Get our quantifiable, data-driven comparison and analysis of Google vs. Bing, created using Semrush’s Market Explorer and Traffic Analytics tools.

How to Add Google Analytics for Your WordPress Site

Discover how and why to integrate the power of Google Analytics with WordPress‘ incredible CMS.

The Olympics 2020 Digital Perspective: Key Stats and Facts 

Using Semrush’s powerful intel that spans across social media, Google, and Amazon searches, we’ve pinpointed some interesting stats for this year’s Summer Olympics.

400 Bad Request: What Is It & How to Fix It

What are 400 bad request errors and how do you fix them? We‘ll explain in our latest guide to HTTP status codes.

The Most Common Internal Link Building Mistakes: A Semrush Study

Internal link building is a massively overlooked part of technical SEO that is completely within your reach and can be very fruitful if done right. To assess the scale of the problem, we’ve analyzed 150,000 random websites, with 175 million pages and 15 billion unique links in total.

A Quick Start Guide to Effective Marketing Campaigns

Learn how to create an effective marketing campaign, find the steps and stages that marketing teams should go through to achieve successful outcomes from their marketing campaign.

Google Cached Pages: What They Are & How to Use Them

Learn more about cached pages, why Google uses them, and how to find your cached webpages with our latest guide.

Guide to 301 Redirects with an .htaccess File

A 301 redirect via .htaccess can be really useful and pretty simple. But how does it work, and how do you stay on top of it? Read this article to find out.

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