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Cybercriminals exploiting COVID-19 tests in phishing attacks

Scammers are taking advantage of the focus on COVID-19 testing and the need for at-home test kits, says Barracuda Networks.

More than 90% of enterprises surveyed have been hit by successful cyberattacks

Since the start of the pandemic, some 83% of those polled by Anomali have seen an increase in attempted cyberattacks, while most have witnessed a rise in phishing emails.

VIRA joins the call on WhatsApp to combat vaccine disinformation

Johns Hopkins engineers built the chatbot to respond to common questions about COVID-19 shots.

IT pros say privacy regulations are more helpful than harmful

Cisco's 2022 data privacy study finds that privacy budgets are up, and companies are seeing good return on these investments.

Lenovo announces new on-prem, high-performance computing-as-a-service product

Part of its TruScale portfolio, the new service will bring cloud-like management of HPC resources to local data centers, allowing smaller businesses to access HPC services more rapidly.

Dice: Tech salaries increased in 2021

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the need for tech companies to retain old employees and hire new ones has forced the industry to offer more competitive salaries.

Russia says no to crypto mining, joining a growing list of countries

China, Iraq, Egypt and others have already put a stop to it, but don't assume those bans are the reason for Bitcoin and Ethereum's latest nosedives.

Deloitte report finds employees more productive during pandemic

After close analysis, the company determined that three key factors were the main reasons for the rising productivity levels during 2020.

Slack survey: 72% of those dissatisfied with their company's work location rules will leave

As a part of the survey, the majority of those polled listed hybrid work as their preferred model. Seventy-eight percent of respondents want location flexibility.

Personal identifying information for 1.5 billion users was stolen in 2021, but from where?

Threat intelligence company Black Kite found that the majority of attacks were against healthcare providers, involved ransomware and succeeded thanks to software vulnerabilities.

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