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Popular programming languages: How Rust's community makes it a different, safer bet

Commentary: Many programming languages depend on one big corporate backer--Rust goes a different way. Learn more about Rust, which is on RedMonk's list of the top 20 popular programming languages.

New Kings of Leon album available as a form of cryptocurrency

The move is part of a larger movement within the music industry to use non-fungible tokens as a new way to distribute art, experts say.

80% of senior IT leaders see cybersecurity protection deficits

A lack of confidence in companies' defenses is prompting 91% of organizations to boost 2021 budgets, according to a new IDG/Insight Enterprises study.

Deskless workers have seen their jobs change since the pandemic began

Pre-screening, AI and digital tools mean that service providers can be more cautious about doing in-person work.

5 monitors with built-in webcams and speakers that are perfect for working remotely

Save yourself the tangle of cables and extra peripherals by getting one of these monitors that include everything you need to collaborate remotely and meet from your home office.

7 myths about the video game industry and game developer jobs

Is a career in the video game industry all fun and games? Learn about what's really required for a career in the video game industry. Gaming chair not included.

Want to be a cloud computing expert? Check out these training courses

This online cloud computing training also covers the Python programming language, machine learning and microservices.

California exodus? Not so fast says new resident relocation report

The pandemic did change some historical patterns and San Francisco experienced a unique and dramatic exodus, research finds.

IDC: Ethical AI is a team sport that requires smart and strong referees

New research finds that the lack of responsible artificial intelligence guidelines is one of the top three barriers to wider adoption.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework: A cheat sheet for professionals

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology's framework defines federal policy, but it can be used by private enterprises, too. Here's what you need to know.

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