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How to copy expressions without changing cell references in Excel

Microsoft Excel updates cell references when you copy an expression. Here are a couple of workarounds for those rare occasions when you don't want to change the cell references.

Stone Pro dock v. StayGo Twelve South hub: Flexibility vs. portability for Mac users

Although Apple doesn't build its own Mac docking stations or hubs, others fill the gaps. Here's how to decide which of two popular options—a Henge Docks or Twelve South product—is best for you.

Data centers: Why disaster recovery preparation is even more important during a pandemic

A successful disaster recovery strategy is never easy, and a pandemic adds challenges. Read some advice from industry experts on how to protect your organization from all disasters.

What classic software developers need to know about quantum computing

IBM's Quantum Challenge is designed to help classic software programmers become quantum ready developers.

How to encrypt files on your Linux servers with gocryptfs

Looking for an easy to use encryption tool to protect data on your Linux servers? Jack Wallen shows you how to install and use gocryptfs to serve that very purpose.

The top wireless mechanical keyboards for a more tactile typing experience

Mechanical keyboards offer enhanced haptics to standard typing. Here are some of our favorite wireless mechanical keyboards on the market.

How to get a better view of Wireshark capture files with Brim

If you're a network admin who depends on Wireshark, you're going to want to use this third-party application to make coming through captures even easier.

TikTok and WeChat to be banned from US app stores starting Sunday

Users in the US would be unable to download the two Chinese-owned apps from local app stores, according to the Department of Commerce.

Red Hat and IBM offer "thoughtful reopening" tips for IT teams

Economic uncertainty and fewer employees will present numerous challenges as IT teams head back to the office in the weeks ahead. IBM and Red Hat representatives have curated a series of tips to assist with the transition.

How to use the group messaging features in iOS 14

Learn about iOS 14's new group messaging features that make long conversations easier to manage with threads and how to add more personalization to your group.

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