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Intel CEO vows to challenge Nvidia, market is "hungry" for alternative GPUs

In a recent interview with CRN that covers several topics with Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, one subject that was emphasised on was its impending battle with Nvidia. Moving forward, one way Intel plans to differentiate itself from the GPU giant is by being "much more ecosystem-friendly" in terms of software...

New Windows 11 build made available to Insiders fixes AMD performance issues

Microsoft added insult to injury during last Patch Tuesday's release. The Windows 11 update patch designed to resolve issues in the new operating system instead further hampered the already degraded performance experienced by many AMD users. Fortunately, a recent announcement by the Insider Program Team indicates that relief is in sight.

TSMC delivers its first batch of Russian-designed Arm chips

Baikal’s new processor, its second ever, is called the BE-M1000. It’s an octa-core Arm design with a focus on connectivity. TSMC’s first production run yielded about 5,000 chips, which were shipped to Baikal inside one large and very expensive crate.

You'll still get Windows 11 updates on an unsupported system, just don't get used to it

With Windows 11, Microsoft has chosen to split its user base in two. Since the OS was announced, the company has repeatedly underlined that it wants to gradually elevate security for consumers to the same level of that found on enterprise systems. To that end, Microsoft had to enact some...

Intel confirms Alder Lake-S and Alder Lake-P specs, pushes out optimization guide for game developers

On Friday, Intel released its Alder Lake Developer Guide, an in-depth look at how game developers can leverage the new architecture found in the company’s 12th generation Alder Lake processors. In doing so, it also confirmed several details about the upcoming CPU lineup that have leaked over the past few...

Bioware reportedly developing Dragon Age 4 only for next-gen consoles and PC

Rumor has it that Bioware's next installment in the Dragon Age franchise will be a "next-gen" exclusive, meaning that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users will miss out on the fun. The news comes via a Twitter user who happened to notice that Dragon Age 4's former Lead Player Designer...

GTA trilogy remaster details leak: Steam release, updated controls and system requirements

Grand Theft Auto fan forum user "alloc8or" posted what they claim to be a product description and PC system requirements for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. The provided link leads to an error page on Rockstar's support site which suggests that the company published the information...

Xbox Series X mini fridge pre-orders open next week

Shortly after Microsoft revealed its Xbox Series X in late 2019, memes on how the console resembled a miniature refrigerator started pouring in. They gained so much traction that even Microsoft got in on the action. And last October, the company presented Snoop Dogg with a full-size replica for its...

Valve to kick all blockchain games off Steam

Valve notified developer SpacePirate Games that it is removing the studio's NTF game Age of Rust from Steam along with all other blockchain games. Valve said that it does not allow games involving the sale and transfer of items with a real-world value on Steam. The developer shared a photo...

The tech industry is bracing for a potential shortage of passive electronic components

By now it’s no secret the tech supply chain is experiencing the cascading effects of material, component, and shipping container shortages, as well as increased energy prices, Covid-related factory lockdowns, rapid shifts in environmental policies, unrelenting demand for electronics and semiconductors, the rapid digitalization of companies and public...

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