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Apple said to be testing a new external display with a dedicated A13 Bionic SoC

Sources familiar with the matter told 9to5Mac that Apple’s new display, codenamed J327, will feature an Apple-made SoC – perhaps even the A13 Bionic chip from the iPhone 11 family. A display with an integrated chip could help Macs handle high-resolution graphics without taxing the computer’s processor, or perhaps enable...

This mod adds AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution to SteamVR games

German modder Frydrych Holger has implemented AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) tech into StreamVR. It should help VR titles boost frame rates without compromising image quality. He has tested it with Skyrim VR and Fallout4 VR, and the results look pretty good. Holger explains the process on his GitHub page.

Twitter and Snap saw record revenue growth in Q2

Twitter's latest financial report is in, and it looks like the company was able to beat analyst expectations on revenue for Q2 2021, sending company shares up over 5 percent. For the three months ending in June, the company recorded $1.19 billion in revenue, which is a 74 percent increase...

Playdate pre-order details, and what early reviewers have to say

Ars Technica’s Sam Machkovech has spent the last three weeks testing a “near-final” version of the Playdate. “I've yet to hand a Playdate to a friend without them remarking on how much they liked it,” Machkovech said. “And usually, that praise comes with a statement along the lines of "this...

Google's latest doodle celebrates the Tokyo Summer Olympics with a 16-bit JRPG

Since Japan was appointed as the host for the 2020 Summer Olympics, it's been clear that video games would feature a major role in the event's theme. The Land of the Rising Sun has always had a close relationship with gaming culture, creating some of the most popular consoles, including...

EA confirms Dead Space remake on next-gen consoles and PC

On Thursday, EA confirmed that it is working on the rumored remake of beloved survival horror classic Dead Space. The short teaser (below) shows a only a glimpse of game engine footage, but it looks great. Motive Studios heads up development and is rebuilding the game "from the ground up"...

Valve's Steam Deck targets 800p, 30Hz gameplay, and the internal SSD is user-replaceable

“We haven’t really found something that we could throw at this device that it couldn’t handle, at least yet,” said Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais.

Amazon Prime is giving away Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V

From now up until August 4, members of Prime Gaming, which is free to Prime subscribers, can grab the PC version of Battlefield 1 for nothing. It's redeemable through Origin via the Origin Store or Origin Client.

Corning is now making Gorilla Glass for mobile camera lenses

Mobile photography technology continues to evolve at an impressive clip, and now, cover glass specialist Corning is advancing the effort even more.

Steve Jobs' 1973 job application form is being auctioned for a fourth time, now with an accompanying NFT

The single-page application for an unspecified position from the former CEO of the world's most valuable company features spelling and punctuation errors, such as "Hewitt-Packard" instead of "Hewlett-Packard." This is the fourth time it has been auctioned, having raised $18,750 in 2017, $174,757 in 2018, and $222,400 last March.

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