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New EU legislation set to force Apple to share access to NFC tech

For years, we've heard that Apple may eventually expand NFC functionality on iPhone and Apple Watch beyond Apple Pay. That thought has yet to materialize, as is the dream of many payment processors to have the opportunity to compete with Apple Pay.

Become a certified data expert with this Excel and Power BI training, currently 97% off

From forecasting sales to analyzing customer behavior, data skills are more valuable than ever. If you want to impress recruiters, the 2020 Master Microsoft Excel & Power BI Certification Bundle provides 28 hours of essential tutorials. Right now, you can save hundreds on the training.

Cyberpunk 2077's system requirements are finally here

We'll focus on the system requirements here since that's arguably the information PC players have been waiting for the longest. Before we list them, a quick side note: some of our readers will be pleased to know that, while Windows 10 is the recommended OS to play 2077 with, it...

Epic to pull Fortnite: Save the World from Mac over 'App Store Tax' dispute with Apple

Epic Games announced this week that it has to pull the plug on the macOS version of Fortnite: Save the World. Due to its ongoing legal dispute with Apple over the App Store tax, Apple revoked Fortnite developer accounts. Therefore, neither Fortnite: Save the World nor Fortnite: Battle Royale on...

Space-based reality show will send the winner to the ISS in 2023

According to Deadline, a production company called Space Hero Inc. has been formed to create an unscripted reality show titled Space Hero. Contestants with a love for space exploration will compete against like-minded individuals for the opportunity to visit the International Space Station for 10 days.

Humble's latest bundle features games in which you can pet dogs

The curators over at Humble Bundle have partnered with Twitter account Can You Pet the Dog? To create a collection of games in which, yes, you can in fact pet the dog.

Police chase down a speeding Tesla that appeared empty

The incident, which took place in July, came after highway officers received a call reporting a speeding Tesla Model S. When police approached the vehicle from behind, it was traveling at 140 kmh (87 mph), breaking the 110 kmh (68mph) limit. After the patrol car activated its emergency lights, the...

Rebooting in iOS 14 is automatically resetting app defaults to Mail and Safari

Alongside a plethora of new features baked into iOS 14, Apple also opened its mobile OS to third-party browsers and email clients by letting users set them as defaults instead of Mail and Safari. While the feature has arrived with iOS 14, which rolled out to the public yesterday, users...

Watch Lego Mario controlling digital Mario

The work comes from @r1ckp (via The Verge), who describes himself as a hardware hacker. He used a Mario minifigure from a Lego Super Mario set that was released in August. It uses a variety of tech that lets buyers build physical courses traversable by Mario, with scores recorded on...

Can You Build a Gaming PC for $500?

In a world where a decent graphics card can cost the same as a new cutting-edge console, you'd be forgiven for thinking that $500 just isn't enough money to buy a PC and play games on it. So, can it be done?

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