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Improve the Product Development Process With This Simple, But Powerful, User Flow Analysis

Apply the four steps in this user flow analysis method to make your product development process more efficient—and improve UX for activities like app onboarding and checkout.

Implementing a Project Management Office: 4 Steps to Success

A PMO can deliver huge value, but setting one up can be a challenge—especially if it is an organization’s first time. Ensure a smooth launch with this expert PMO strategy guide.

Can Designers Make the Metaverse Less Awkward?

UX designer Pam Nicholls has created video games and augmented reality experiences for companies like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and DreamWorks Animation. Here she explores designing for the metaverse and reveals innovative ways to make the user experience more intuitive and accessible.

Big Data Architecture for the Masses: A ksqlDB and Kubernetes Tutorial

Today’s cloud building blocks empower any size team—even a lone engineer—to build big data solutions. Learn how to use open-source tools to create scalable architecture for your next project.

SolidJS vs. React: The Go-to Guide

SolidJS is a blazing-fast framework that dodges virtual DOM manipulation. Let’s see how it compares to React, the industry standard, when it comes to components, performance, and developer productivity.

The PRD Isn’t Dead: New Best Practices for Digital Product Development

For many years, there has been debate around the value of a PRD in digital product development. The issue is not whether one should be used, says product expert Milos Belcevic, but how.

Push Notification Best Practices: 7 Questions Designers Should Ask

Mobile app push notifications are powerful engagement tools, but they can be intrusive if not handled correctly. Don’t hit send on your push notification strategy before asking yourself these questions.

3 Essential Project Manager Skills and How to Hone Them

Managing projects is largely about managing people. These three soft skills can help project managers build a strong team, gain trust, and create a positive culture.

Demystifying Debugging With React Developer Tools

Browser console logging is a hassle. Discover how React Developer Tools and third-party libraries make inspecting components, states, and props and tracking rendering and performance so much easier.

3 Trends Shaping the Future of Tech Venture Capital in Asia

Asia is one of the hottest venture markets in the world right now. Find out what savvy investors must understand about this culturally and economically diverse region in order to succeed.

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