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Facebook Marketing - Upwork

Looking for a facebook marketing pro. You will be posting on facebook marketplace. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO DO THIS. And you will post in multiple cities and need to have 3 fb accounts. Send me your experience with facebookBudget: $25 Posted On: September 21, 2020 19:03 UTCCategory: Digital MarketingSkills:Social Media Advertising, Facebook...

Drip Email/Shopify | Set-up of Flows + Sign Up Form - Upwork

We are an online fishing tackle retailer (Shopify) in search of a Freelancer to optimize our Drip email flows, sign-up form, and provide guidance regarding weekly broadcast emails.  We have been using Drip for roughly 11 months now and have a handful of flows set-up.  However, we'd like to have an expert dive in and get things optimized properly.Budget:...

Copywriters and Website Designers needed for RV Dealership website revamping service - Upwork

Hello freelancers! My name is James and I am creating a service for RV Dealership owners to revamp their existing website to drive sales to their business and/or to update it’s look and information. For this I am seeking copywriters who are fluent in English and website designers to work with to produce good copy in a modern looking and easy-to-use...

Website Rebuild - Combine Shopify Site & Wordpress Site to WP with Woo - Upwork

We currently have a Shopify site and a WP site We are looking to to combine and have one cohesive site that is stunning to look at and easy for our staff to use. Site must be easy to use for the client and include a la carte ordering, meal plan ordering, subscription ordering, and allow for food modifications within subscriptions...

Create Shopify Websites - Upwork

I need to create Shopify websites using debutify theme. Have u used the debutify theme before? Simply, I give the product and you make the website. It can be a one product store or a multiple product store. The best offer takes the project. How much would you charge per store? Have you ever done shopify stores? Do you have a portfolio? Please let...

Coder to make a short snippet: Adding text to Shopify footer (Brooklyn theme) - Upwork

Looking for a coder to provide correct code: - Adding text to shopify footer. I will send a reference page and text needed at later phase.Budget: $5 Posted On: September 21, 2020 18:45 UTCCategory: Ecommerce Development Country: Finland click to apply

Optimize Shopify Store - Upwork

I have shopify shop that already has basic optimization for speed. However, we need to make it even faster for both Mobile and Desktop version. suggestions for other improvements are also welcome.Posted On: September 21, 2020 18:39 UTCCategory: Web DesignSkills:Shopify, AMP Web Development Country: Germany click to apply

Squarespace or Shopify Website Builder for my brand - Upwork

Hi there, I have a women's brand called I AM Journal, it's a a brand I am passionate about and expect nothing but perfection on showcasing it to the world the way I see it. Currently I have a super simple website with Squarespace, and am thinking to A - change the theme so a more sales savvy one with Squarespace, or change to shopify. I am not looking...

Shopify/The Edge POS(cvs file)/Go Daddy server integration - Upwork

Looking for a freelancer We have an existing website that we are looking to convert to shopify. We have started our shopify website but want to be able to carry over all our current product via a cvs file from our server (that’s updated regularly) and have it synced. We also want to be able group products together from the many we have so we don’t...

Shopify developer - Upwork

We need Shopify developer who have experience with wholesale. Here is the reference. We already made a third party application to get the product info by SKU ( or handle key ) from general shopify store. But it doesn't work for wholesale store. Project target is to get product info...

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