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5 Sanitizers to Blast the Feces Off Your Toothbrush

A device that cleans toothbrushes with UV light is something you probably want. Trust us.

How The Tumult of 2020 Will Shape the Future of Ride Sharing

This week, we talk about the new legal and social realities that Lyft, Uber, the scooter companies, and bike-share companies will face once the pandemic ends.

Spoil Your Cat Over the Holidays With Our Favorite Gear

Between litter boxes, beds, scratchers, and trees, cats require a lot of supplies. These are our favorites.

Slay Every Sauce and Soup With This $100 Stick Blender

Braun's new powerful and easy-to-use immersion blender is an essential kitchen upgrade.

Giving Gadgets As Gifts? Get Ready to Answer These Questions

Bestowing tech gifts means anticipating confusion about privacy and recurring fees. Here's how to ease the minds of loved ones this year.

Apple’s New iPad Air Is a Great Tablet With a Few Quirks

The 2020 edition of the iPad Air is light, powerful, convenient. It's a good buy as long as you don't mind a few small annoyances.

Double Your Laptop’s Screen Size With a Portable Monitor

The Vissles-M is an excellent and easy-to-use touchscreen monitor that sits next to your computer, embiggening your WFH workspace.

The Best Barefoot Shoes for Walking or Running

Our favorite zero-drop, minimalist footwear will let you feel the ground beneath your feet.

Our 100 Favorite Cyber Monday Deals Still Available Today

We combed through every Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal we featured this past weekend. These deals remain—for the moment.

Too Many Game Subscription Services? Here's How to Choose

PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass, Game Pass Ultimate—we break it down so you can pick the right one for you.

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