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The Climate Crisis Is Threatening Spain’s Saffron Crop

Growers fear a perfect storm for a tradition that has long bound rural communities together.

MDMA and Psilocybin Are Approved as Medicines for the First Time

Many are celebrating Australia’s decision to pave the way for these psychedelic therapies, but questions around accessibility remain.

What Would Earth’s Temperature Be Like Without an Atmosphere?

If you want to know what the cloud of gas that surrounds the planet is really doing for us, you have to see what the world would be like without it.

The Secret to Making Concrete That Lasts 1,000 Years

Scientists have uncovered the Roman recipe for self-repairing cement—which could massively reduce the carbon footprint of the material today.

Scientists Grew Mini Human Guts Inside Mice

These tiny organoids with working immune systems mimic the function of the GI tract and could be used to study intestinal diseases and drugs to treat them.

The Last Drug That Can Fight Gonorrhea Is Starting to Falter

Data gaps, funding cuts, and shyness about sex let gonorrhea gain drug resistance. There are no new treatments yet.

Spotted a UFO? There’s an App for That

Enigma Labs launches a project to crowdsource and quantify data about “unidentified aerial phenomena.”

Why Bother Bringing Back the Dodo?

Audacious plans to resurrect the long-extinct bird could be lucrative. But the moonshot raises thorny philosophical questions.

Did the Seeds of Life Ride to Earth Inside an Asteroid?

Biological amino acids could have celestial or terrestrial roots. An experiment simulated their formation in deep space—but the mystery isn’t solved yet.

The Spaceport at the Edge of the World

A tiny Scottish village is betting its future on rocket launches. But the plan may threaten the fragile landscape—and a tenacious billionaire’s ambitions.

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