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Adding Silicone Fluid To Silicone

In this tutorial we add 10% silicone fluid to PlatSil FS-10 to lower mixed viscosity and create a fast, strong, soft mold. Mold Tubes: Eject-it 33 Mold Release:

Simple Silicone Cut Block Mold With P508 Silicone

In this tutorial we use some new P508 to make a cut block mold for resin casting. P508 is a low cost platinum silicone that is ideal for resin, soap, and candle casting. This is a very soft silicone that has a ~15 minute working time and a 3-4 hour demold. We cast EasyFlo 60 resin to create a hard plastic part. Get P508 here:

How To Make A Hand Cast: Lifecast With 380 Alginate

In this tutorial we explain the process of molding a hand holding an object using AccuCast 380 alginate. You can find the tubes here: Alginate Here: Hydrostone Here:

Silicone Mold Making: How To Make A Resin Master Mold

In this tutorial we explain the process of making a tough resin master mold that can be used to accurately reproduce multiple silicone molds for mass production. This is an important technique to know if you are mass producing resin parts or candles or soap. Having a permanent master mold allows you to mass produce molds as well as casts. We used EasyFlo...

Candy Mold With PlatSil Gel-25

Well, as of this writing, the quarantine "shelter in place" order is active and we are trying to keep 3 children schooled and entertained. We recently learned that Gel-25 is food safe so we decided to make some custom candy molds with the kids. You can find food safe Gel-25 here on our website:

Antique Silver Cold Cast - Dusting Method

In this tutorial we explain the dusting method of cold metal casting using Tin Powder and EasyFlo 60 casting resin. We also give a brief COVID-19 update. For this piece we used: EasyFlo 60 casting resin: Black PolyColor: Tin Powder:...

Casting A Resin Positive From An Alginate Mold

In this video we use our new ArtKast Pourable resin to cast a positive from a Monster Gel alginate mold. This video is the result of some tests I did after a recent lifecasting class we had. Matthew Mungle mentioned that he had poured our new ArtKast resin into an alginate mold with good results. I ran a small test, and it worked great, even with a...

Rigid Foam Casting Tips

In this tutorial we explain the basics of casting polyurethane foam into a silicone mold and tips for getting good skins and minimal cleanup. This video explains how to calculate how much foam to use to produce consistent parts and how to generate back pressure to get good skin on your cast foam parts. Get Rigid Casting Foam here:

Resin Casting Tutorial: Slosh Casting & Foam Backing

In this tutorial we cover the process of "slosh" casting ArtKast resin to create a hollow shell and backing it with a core of Rigid Casting Foam. This is a great technique for producing low-cost, high detail, lightweight parts. We cast this part from a PlatSil Gel-10 silicone mold with a resin support shell. There's a link at the end of the video where...

Painting Tips For Casting Resin

In this tutorial we explain some tips for getting good adhesion between you cast resin part and your paint. For this tutorial we poured TC-800 casting resin into a PlatSil Gel-10 mold. Get-TC-800 Casting Resin here:

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