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M-Trends 2021

M-Trends is an annual publication from FireEye Mandiant with timely data and insights based on frontline investigations of high-impact cyber attacks and remediations. The new “M-Trends 2021 Report” is right around the corner with topics covering: Ransomware Trends and Remediation Techniques SUNBURST Investigation Insights Enhanced Red Teaming...

Empowering End Users with the Endpoint Agent Console module for FireEye Endpoint Security

The Endpoint Agent Console module provides self-service access for end users to FireEye Endpoint Security Agent features through a graphical user interface. The Endpoint Agent Console module can be enabled or disabled by an administrator on any combination of hosts or host sets in an organization from the FireEye Endpoint Security console and provides...

FireEye | Mandiant Virtual Summit 2021

INNOVATION FORWARD: A NEW ERA OF RESILIENCE As we emerge from a year that has changed the world dramatically, cyber security is a top priority like never before. Remote work has widened the attack surface, and malicious actors gain in sophistication and launch more targeted threats. To better protect our organizations from the ongoing digital assault,...

Extend Live Response Capabilities with FireEye Endpoint Security Host Remediation Module

Host Remediation extends the existing live response functionality in FireEye Endpoint Security; which includes acquisitions and enterprise search by adding secure command line access to managed hosts directly from the web console, whether they are on or off the corporate network. The Host Remediation module empowers security administrators to perform...



LATAM Threat Briefing with Sandra Joyce (February 2021)

Protecting against UAC Bypass Attacks with the FireEye Endpoint Security UAC Protect Module

See how the UAC Protect module for FireEye Endpoint Security can be used to detect and block a User Account Control, or UAC, bypass attack. UAC is a Windows feature that provides an additional layer of security via a pop-up acknowledgement when certain programs that require elevated privileges are executed on a machine. A UAC bypass attack is a popular...

Protecting Against Credential Dumping Attacks w/ FireEye Endpoint Security & Process Guard Module

Credential dumping is a popular technique used by threat actors to retrieve credentials from a compromised machine. Once obtained, these credentials can be used to facilitate lateral movement and data exfiltration within an environment. This video demonstrates how Process Guard module for FireEye Endpoint Security can successfully detect and block...

Webセミナー:人の心理を狙うEメール攻撃 ~検知回避する攻撃に備えるために~

Webセミナー:攻撃グループは、いかにして特定されるのか ~FireEye Mandiant による解析とアトリビューション~

世界的な大規模侵害が跋扈する今、それらの侵害活動を特定し、封じ込め策を提供し、組織を、そして世界を守り続けるー長年に渡りインシデント・レスポンス活動を通じて侵害と闘い続ける FireEye の Mandiant チームが、攻撃の一端からどのように攻撃グループを特定するかについてお伝えするとともに、昨今話題となった侵害を例に、Mandiant の最新サービスがどのような形で脅威インテリジェンスを提供しているかについてご紹介します。

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