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Exploring the mysteries of the Prime (gaps!) Line.

Sign-up for Private Internet Access and we can be VPN buddies! Under $3 a month. Thanks to Kerry D. Wong who originally piqued my interest by sending me this: Here are the papers about finding arbitrarily...

Calculating π with Avogadro's Number

Check out Steve Mould's Pythagorean Siphon video: Every Pi Day I calculate the digits of π somehow. This year I counted the number of molecules in a disc as a 'real accurate' way to measure its surface area. You can see all the previous videos here:

Why π^π^π^π could be an integer (for all we know!).

Check out the Jane Street programs if you're considering a mathematics/finance/programming job: Here is Tim Gowers's reply to the original tweet: Start your Schanuel's Conjecture journey here:

How lucky is too lucky?: The Minecraft Speedrunning Dream Controversy Explained

Buy my book Humble Pi now! UPDATE: Harvard Book Store have totally sold out. My talk on 4 February 2021 at Harvard Book Store: Here is the original accusation against Dream. Video:

I wired my tree with 500 LEDs and calculated their 3D coordinates.

If you support me on Patreon at any point in December 2020 I will film your name on my xmas tree while I give you a thumbs-up of appreciation. Huge thanks to Eugénie von Tunzelmann for helping me out with this video. You can see more of Eugénie in my "General Relativity: Top 05 Mishaps [inc INTERSTELLAR]" video....

Why was Biden's win calculated to be ONE IN A QUADRILLION?

This is Part III out of 'one with a quadrillion zeros' parts. Give the gift of Stand-up Maths this Christmas: Part I: "Why do Biden's votes not follow Benford's Law?" Part II: "Do these scatter plots reveal fraudulent vote-switching...

What was the first (known) maths mistake?

Thanks to Waterstones for choosing Humble Pi as a 'top 100' paperback of the year. Signed copies are available at Maths Gear. It's cheaper at Waterstones, but not signed. You choose! Thanks to Robert...

Can you solve the banana puzzle?

Check out the Maths Inspiration shows here: 24 Nov: Visualizing Math(s) 04 Dec: Christmas Special You should definitely watch Destin's SmarterEveryDay video: Why Snatch Blocks are AWESOME (How Pulleys Work) Thanks to Hugh for actually weighing the bananas.

Do these scatter plots reveal fraudulent vote-switching in Michigan?

Here is the Dr Shiva Ayyadurai video I am talking about: This is my previous video on Benford's Law: Support me on Patreon and I'll make more maths videos. Probably not on election data, mind you. (Please, for the love of plot, no more election data.)

Why do Biden's votes not follow Benford's Law?

My book is cheap at Waterstones and signed at Maths Gear: Check out Steve Mould's Numberphile video about Benford's Law. Buy a signed copy of "How Many Socks Make a Pair?"...

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