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Where the Footprints End with Joshua Cutchin - Sept 19, 2020

Joshua Cutchin joins Seriah to talk about his latest book (authored with Timothy Renner who was previously on the show to talk about it), Where the Footprints End, Part 1. They talk about the connections to fairy lore, mermaids and mermen, curses, strange sounds, mimicry, the Oz factor, crop circles, witches, possession, invisible bigfoot, and much...

Poltergiests, Sleep Paralysis, and more, with Duffy - Sept 12, 2020

In an Listeners Stories episode, Seriah is joined by Duffy to talk about his lifetime of experiences, that get stranger as they go on, a lot leaning into dreams, synchronicity, Sleep Paralysis, and some Poltergeist encounters...

Creepy Flies, Women in White. and Strange Entities... Listener Stories - September 5, 2020

Seriah is joined by Chris Ernst and Adam Sayne as they go through some encounters submitted by listeners. Weird flies, Women in White, Kundalini, Strange Entities, Ghosts, Time Slips, and much more...

Where the Footprints End with Tim Renner - Aug 29, 2020

Seriah is joined by Tim Renner for the first part of their talk about his latest book (co-authored with Joshua Cutchin), Where the Footprints End. They talk about Wilderness Poltergeists, Gifting, Santa as a Wild Man, Ghosts, Ape Canyon, and Women in White, and all of it associated with Bigfoot... There should be another part soon which will include...

When God had a Wife - August 22, 2020

Seriah is joined by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince to talk about their latest book, When God had a Wife, that suggests the removal of the sacred feminine in Judaism and Christianity, and why that may have been the case. Their website can be found at; http://www.picknettprince.com/

Ancient Magic in Modern Ghost Hunting - August 15, 2020

Seriah and Wren welcome Sean McCleaver to talk about the idea of using Magickal techniques in ghost hunting, and how they may eventually create better results for evidence, and why. Sean also talks about some of his own experiences, and experiments with these techniques. Book: https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/sean-mccleaver/ancient-magic-in-modern-ghost-hunting/paperback/product-rrn26d.html...

Listener Stories: A Family History of the Paranormal - August 8, 2020

Seriah is joined by Emmet who comes from a family that has over 100 years of stories of strange paranormal encounters, right up to the modern day with he and his sister. They discuss fairy encounters, ghosts, poltergeists, the banshee, shape shifting witches, premonitions, nightmares and sleep paralysis, and more...

Shadow People, Time Slips, High Strangeness and more - Aug 2, 2020

Alex Whitcombe comes on to talk about his lifetime of strange experiences, including Out of Body Experiences, Sleep Paralysis, Shadow People, Odd Insects, Alien Encounters, Time Slips, and much more. There is another Patreon only part that is as long as this, dealing with the experience that Alex first contacted us with. Become a Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/SeriahAzkath...

Part 2: Wandering the Road with Cherylee and David - July 25, 2020

This is part 2 of the conversation that started last week with Cherylee Black and David Metcalfe, most about PSI research, but it goes here and there. At the end there are a couple of personal encounters that members of the band High Council had.

Wandering the Road: The Reality of PSI Part 1 - July 18, 2020

Seriah is joined by Cherylee Black and David Metcalfe and they talk about a variety of things involving PSI and the Paranormal, and how science can best study it, and the pitfalls involved. This is Part 1 of 2

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