Latest topics for ZDNet in Security

Latest topics for ZDNet in Security

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Ransomware attack cripples Vancouver public transportation agency

TransLink customers left unable to use the agency's public ticketing kiosks and cards for two days.

Intelligence review recommends new electronic surveillance Act for Australia

It would repeal the existing parts of three Acts to form a new one that covers the use of computer access and surveillance devices powers.

Edward Snowden asks Trump to pardon Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

Snowden claims the pardon would save Assange's life.

Dell announces new protections for its PC and server supply chain

Dell to start using tamper-evident seals during physical transport and provide a software reset feature to wipe hard-drives before customer deployment.

Build your own advanced USB condom

When traveling I always use a USB condom when using random chargers, but here's how you can build your own devices that have advanced features.

Data of 243 million Brazilians exposed online via website source code

The password to access a highly sensitive Ministry of Health database was stored inside a government site's source code.

Open-source software: How many bugs are hidden there on purpose?

Backdoors and 'bugdoors' might be hard to spot but they put open-source security at risk.

Google researcher: I made this 'magic' iPhone Wi-Fi hack in my bedroom, imagine what others could do

Don't assume there's not someone out there who's willing and able to find the perfect bug to hack your smartphone, warns Google Project Zero researcher.

Google Authenticator for iOS gets a much-needed feature

No, not dark mode, but that's been added too.

Mysterious phishing campaign targets organizations in COVID-19 vaccine cold chain

Targets include EU directorates, companies making vaccine shipping containers, a website development firm linked to vaccine supply chains.

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