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REvil ransomware operators claim group is ending activity again, victim leak blog now offline

The group resurfaced a few weeks ago after closing shop in July, leaving researchers skeptical of this latest shut down.

Sinclair confirms ransomware attack after TV station disruptions

The company suffered another cyberattack in July that forced them to reset all shared administration systems at all of their stations.

Acer hit with second cyberattack in less than a week, Taiwanese authorities notified

The same hacker group claimed responsibility for an attack on the company's offices in Taiwan.

Gartner survey of CIOs highlights investments in AI, cloud and cybersecurity

Gartner surveyed more than 2,300 CIOs from 85 countries on how they're spending their budgets.

Best gaming VPN for 2021

Can you use a VPN while gaming? Sort of. We discuss the issues in-depth and recommend four of the most popular VPN services you can use with gaming and your game consoles.

University still recovering from major cyberattack that disrupted IT systems

The University of Sunderland brings some IT systems back online after a five-day outage caused by a cyberattack.

This 'particularly dangerous' phishing attack features a weaponized Excel file

Security researchers warn about a sneaky phishing campaign from one of the most creative cybercrime groups on the internet.

BlackByte ransomware decryptor released

The "odd" malware avoids systems based on Russian and ex-USSR languages.

Does someone else secretly have access to your iPhone or iPad?

It's worth checking to see if someone who "borrowed" your iPhone didn't give themselves access to it.

Facebook hits back at claims its AI has minimal success in fighting hate speech

Facebook integrity VP has responded to new claims that its efforts to fight hate speech is not working.

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