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Misinformation needs tackling and it would help if politicians stopped muddying the water

Politicians lie, everyone knows it, but when the concept in question is how democracy works, it's a serious matter.

SolarWinds ready to move past breach and help customers manage theirs

Acknowledging that 2021 was a tough year, SolarWinds CEO says it has bolstered its build model and expanded its systems monitoring capabilities so customers can better manage the complexities of hybrid cloud environments.

Microsoft's out-of-band patch fixes Windows AD authentication failures

Microsoft releases a fix for the May 10 Patch Tuesday update that was causing authentication failures for some.

Does disk encryption slow down your PC? [Ask ZDNet]

Got a tech question? Ed Bott and ZDNet's squad of editors and experts probably have the answer. This week: What's the downside of disk encryption? Plus: Do you really need an expensive charger for your electric vehicle, and what's the best way to archive email?

Fake domains offer Windows 11 installers - but deliver malware instead

Be careful what you are downloading - these files deliver the Vidar infostealer.

Microsoft: This botnet is growing fast and hunting for servers with weak passwords

Protect your Linux servers from XorDdos, a botnet scanning the internet for SSH servers with weak passwords, Microsoft warns.

India reaffirms commitment to new cybersecurity rules

Service providers will be required to maintain a database that includes user IP addresses, names, and contact information.

Twitter to hide misleading tweets under new crisis response policy

A new warning notice be slapped on any tweets deemed as misleading.

Canada to ban Huawei and ZTE and tell telcos to rip out 5G and 4G equipment

While taking longer to ban Huawei and ZTE than some of the Five Eyes, Canada has also gone further by requiring telcos to rip out LTE equipment from the vendors by the start of 2028.

Why you should be using secure DNS on your Chromebook

Jack Wallen shows you how to add another layer of security to your Chromebook with the help of secure DNS.

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