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Australia, Singapore firms amongst most likely to halt digital transformation due to cyberwarfare risks

Organisations in Australia, the US, and Singapore are amongst the top most likely to stall their digital transformation initiatives due to cyberwarfare threats, above the global average of 55%.

DOJ takes down ransomware group with a '21st century cyber stakeout'

Authorities have disrupted the Hive ransomware group by infiltrating its computer networks and capturing its decryption keys, saving victims over $100 million in ransom payments.

3 security gadgets I never leave home without

These gadgets give you a huge advantage over the hackers.

Singapore to tag unregistered SMS senders as 'likely scam'

Businesses not registered with the Singapore SMS Sender ID Registry by January 31 will have their messages labelled as "Likely-SCAM", as the country rolls out more measures to combat online scams.

NSA and CISA alert: This phishing scam could give hackers control of your PC

Cyber criminals are convincing people to install legitimate remote monitoring software - which they use to steal money from victims.

How to use Security Keys to protect your Apple ID on your iPhone

Security Keys can help to create an extra line of defense for your Apple ID to keep hackers away.

Memory safe programming languages are on the rise. Here's how developers should respond

Report puts forward ways that memory safe coding should be encouraged. But there's still a lot of other code out there.

Apple just patched this 'actively exploited' flaw in older iPhones and iPads

Apple patches iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 for the second time in six months to address remotely exploitable flaw.

Australian man given two-year jail sentence for $69K phishing scams

Sydney Local Court dishes out a jail term totalling 32 months to a man who stole more than AU$100,000 ($69,751) in an SMS phishing scam involving 450 victims.

What is the Android Files Safe folder and how do you use it?

If you have files you want to safeguard on your Android device, there's a feature in the Files app just for you.

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