Latest topics for ZDNet in Security

Latest topics for ZDNet in Security

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US govt orders federal agencies to patch dangerous Zerologon bug by Monday

DHS CISA tells government agencies to patch Zerologon bug by Monday, citing "unacceptable risk" posed to federal networks.

Hackers leak details of 1,000 high-ranking Belarus police officers

Hackers promise to leak more if police crackdown against anti-government protesters continues.

Firefox bug lets you hijack nearby mobile browsers via WiFi

Mozilla says users should update as soon as possible to Firefox v79 for Android.

Spammers use hexadecimal IP addresses to evade detection

Links in spam emails looked like http://0xD83AC74E instead of ""

Microsoft: Now PowerShell's secrets tool preview supports Linux and macOS

Microsoft overhauls the design of SecretManagement module for the PowerShell command-line interface.

US Commerce Department to ban TikTok and WeChat downloads starting Sept. 20

The Commerce Department is enforcing the two executive orders signed by President Donald Trump in early August.

Iranian hacker group developed Android malware to steal 2FA SMS codes

The malware could steal 2FA SMS codes for Google accounts. Also contained vague functionality to do the same for Telegram and various social networks.

CEO of cyber fraud startup NS8 arrested for defrauding investors in $123m scheme

Irony aside, the former executive allegedly secured millions from investors based on fake financial statements.

US sanctions Iranian government front company hiding major hacking operations

US says the Iranian government used the "Rana Intelligence Computing Company" as a front for the APT39 hacking group.

Twitter imposes new security rules for US political accounts ahead of the 2020 election

The social media company also shared more information on the policies that led to its crackdown on QAnon-related tweets.

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