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Fastest VPN deal: Get lifetime protection for 10 devices for only $25

Now you can permanently provide the ultimate security for up to 10 devices simultaneously at blazingly fast speeds.

The 25 most dangerous software vulnerabilities to watch out for

Mitre releases its list of the most dangerous software weaknesses, detailing the most common vulnerabilities which can give cyber criminals the ability to access machines to steal data or cause crashes.

Researchers find new attack vector against Kubernetes clusters via misconfigured Argo Workflows instances

The report notes that other security teams have discovered large-scale cryptocurrency mining attacks against Kubernetes clusters.

Microsoft warns over this unusual malware that targets Windows and Linux

The coin-mining malware also targets older vulnerabilities that defenders may have forgotten.

GitHub boosts supply chain security for Go modules

Go is now one of the most popular programming languages on the platform.

Even after Emotet takedown, Office docs deliver 43% of all malware downloads now

Netskope's new report found that cloud storage apps account for more than 66% of cloud malware delivery.

Kaseya says it has now got the REvil ransomware decryption key - and it works

Kaseya now has a decryption key for customers affected by the REvil ransomware attack.

COVIDSafe feedback process changes as app moves into business as usual mode

As a heavily redacted report into the app's effectiveness says COVIDSafe was the right choice to make, the DTA takes feedback option off GitHub.

More than half of all Aussies continue to encounter forms of cyber scams in 2021

Research from Microsoft said Australians who continue to interact with a scammer lose about AU$126 on average.

Uber found to have interfered with privacy of over 1 million Australians

Australian Privacy Commissioner has ordered Uber to comply with Australian Privacy Principles after finding the tech giant interfered with the privacy of 1.2 million Aussies when it suffered a data breach, and covered it up, back in 2016.

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