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For Israel, Revenge Should Be a Dish Served Cold

Israel has the right to retaliate against Iran’s missile barrage. It should bide its time.

Sun Apr 14, 2024 21:56
Iran Just Made a Big Mistake. Israel Shouldn’t Follow.

There now needs to be a large, sustained, global initiative to isolate Iran.

Sun Apr 14, 2024 21:56
Strikes Upend Israel’s Belief About Iran’s Willingness to Fight It Directly

Israel had grown used to targeting Iranian officials without head-on retaliation from Iran, an assumption overturned by Iran’s attacks on Saturday.

Sun Apr 14, 2024 21:56
A.I. Made These Movies Sharper. Critics Say It Ruined Them.

Machine-learning technologies are being used in film restoration for new home video releases. But some viewers strongly dislike the results.

Sun Apr 14, 2024 21:56
Johnson Says the House Will Vote on an Israel Bill in the Coming Days

Speaker Mike Johnson left unclear whether the vote on the security package, coming after Iranian attacks on Israel, would also include aid for Ukraine.

Sun Apr 14, 2024 20:38
American Pizazz Meets the Staid Traditions of Sumo

At Madison Square Garden, New Yorkers got a rare look at an ancient Japanese sport, cheering and booing as though they were watching a Yankees game.

Sun Apr 14, 2024 20:28

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