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U.S. Is Pressing Israel and Hamas to Resume Negotiations, Kirby Says

John Kirby said that Hamas was to blame for the breakdown in the negotiations, and that Israel was heeding U.S. advice on limiting civilian casualties.

Sun Dec 3, 2023 20:01
With Big State Victories, Modi Expands His Dominance in India

Results of voting for the governments of four Indian states showed gains for Mr. Modi’s ruling party, putting him in a strong position ahead of general elections in the spring.

Sun Dec 3, 2023 17:04
Freed Israeli Hostages Give Tel Aviv Protesters Hope for Those in Captivity

Hostages who were recently released thanked demonstrators for continuing to pressure their government.

Sun Dec 3, 2023 13:33
Israel-Hamas War: Israel’s Military Expands Evacuation Orders in Southern Gaza

The Biden administration has increasingly stressed the need to limit civilian harm as Israel turns its focus to the enclave’s south.

Sun Dec 3, 2023 12:34
Maduro’s Vote to Annex Territory From Guyana Is Seen as a Diversion

The Venezuelan president is holding a referendum to claim sovereignty over Essequibo, a large oil-rich area of neighboring Guyana.

Sun Dec 3, 2023 12:34
Israeli Mothers Knew Their Sons Would Serve. But They Didn’t Expect War.

Many mothers are grappling with anxiety as their sons head off to fight in Gaza. “It felt like my children were being taken away, one by one, until no one was left,” one said.

Sun Dec 3, 2023 12:34

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