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NASA cancels its VIPER rover that would’ve searched for water on the Moon

Image: NASA/Daniel Rutter NASA isn’t moving forward with its VIPER program — short for Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover — which aimed to put a rover on the far side of the Moon to search for water. On Wednesday, NASA cited cost increases and several delays as its reasons for canceling the project. VIPER was...

Thu Jul 18, 2024 01:58
Robots will head to the depths to scan the Titanic

The wrecked bow of the Titanic. | Image: NOAA / Institute for Exploration / University of Rhode Island A pair of remote-operated submersibles (ROV) is heading down to the wreckage of the Titanic this week to conduct digital 3D scans and take high-resolution images of the ship’s remains. Orchestrated by RMS Titanic, Inc.,...

Wed Jul 17, 2024 18:58
The UK will start feeding lab-grown meat to pets this year

Image: Meatly The UK is now the first European country to green-light the sale of lab-grown meat, but with pets instead of human consumers as its first guinea pigs. The UK’s Animal and Plant Health Agency and the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs granted London-based startup Meatly regulatory approval...

Wed Jul 17, 2024 17:59
The Biden administration wants to find more sustainable construction materials

Steel in a scrapyard to be recycled into new steel.  | Photo by Roger Ball/Worldsteel via Getty Images The Biden administration announced $160 million in grants to projects meant to measure the climate impact of new-fangled construction materials. The grants cover a spectrum of potential alternatives from hemp-based products...

Wed Jul 17, 2024 15:00
Elon Musk is moving X and SpaceX to Texas

Image: Cath Virginia / The Verge | Photo by STR / NurPhoto, Getty Images Elon Musk says he plans to move X and SpaceX’s headquarters from California to Texas. “Because of this law and the many others that preceded it, attacking both families and companies, SpaceX will now move its HQ from Hawthorne, California, to Starbase,...

Wed Jul 17, 2024 01:49
The app that promised to ‘use AI to weed out daters with STI’ has been shut down

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge HeHealth’s AI-powered Calmara app claimed, “Our innovative AI technology offers rapid, confidential, and scientifically validated sexual health screening, giving you peace of mind before diving into intimate encounters,” but now it’s shut down after an inquiry by the Federal Trade...

Tue Jul 16, 2024 22:43

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