Setting the Pace for Exchange Traded Funds
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As Advisors Underweight Large Cap Growth, Try FDG

Think you have enough allocated to large cap growth? You might be missing out. Recent research from Vanguard shows that many advisor portfolios are actually underweighting the space – by 12%, in this case. That may surprise investors who’ve heard plenty about megacap tech and a risk from overconcentration by big firms in the S&P [...] The post...

Wed May 22, 2024 00:36
Why Free Cash Flow Could Be the Antidote to High Rates

Markets remain highly responsive to economic data as concerns around Fed policy and high interest rates dominate the second quarter so far. Increasing bond yields due to high or rising interest rates have historically put pressure on equity markets, so investors looking for opportunity in this type of environment may do well to consider free [...] ...

Wed May 22, 2024 00:36
Amplify Debuts New Weight Loss Drug ETF

On Tuesday, Amplify entered the weight loss ETF space with the launch of the Amplify Weight Loss Drug & Treatment ETF (THNR). THNR operates with a net expense ratio of 0.59%. Additionally, the fund aims to provide investors with results similar to the performance of the VettaFi Weight Loss Drug & Treatment Index (THINR). THINR [...] The post...

Wed May 22, 2024 00:36
Add Duration and Enhance Income With BNDI

Investors remain cautiously optimistic regarding interest rate cuts this fall after April’s CPI print and signals of potential inflationary pressures easing. For those investors looking to add duration or enhance their income potential within bonds, the NEOS Enhanced Income Aggregate Bond ETF (BNDI) is worth consideration. April’s CPI print came in...

Wed May 22, 2024 00:36
YieldMax Releases Gold Miners ETF With Options Strategy

On Tuesday, YieldMax debuted the YieldMax Gold Miners Option Income Strategy ETF (GDXY). GDXY is actively managed and has a net expense ratio of 0.99%. The fund aims to provide current income to investors. In order to accomplish the fund’s goals, GDXY utilizes a synthetic covered call strategy on the VanEck Gold Miners ETF (GDX). [...] The post YieldMax...

Wed May 22, 2024 00:36
A New Index Play on the Diet Drug Revolution

A new poll recently published by health policy research firm KFF revealed that roughly 12% of U.S. adults (or one in eight) have taken GLP-1 drugs, a category that includes Wegovy, Ozempic, Zepbound, and Mounjaro. Of those surveyed, 6% are currently taking a drug from that group. Although many survey participants rely on these medications [...] The...

Wed May 22, 2024 00:36

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