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Why SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TABLE Is Sometimes Very Slow in MySQL or MariaDB

If you have enough experience with MySQL, it is very possible that you stumbled upon an unusually slow SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TABLE; query execution, at least occasionally.Recently, I had a chance to investigate some of these cases closer, and it stunned me what huge differences there can be depending on the circumstance given the very […]

Mon Apr 15, 2024 16:14
Partially Rolling Back a Transaction in MySQL or PostgreSQL

This short write-up focuses on a different transaction control behavior of databases. Though this is not unusual, I decided to write an article on rolling back transactions to a particular point. I selected this topic because I found many people are not aware of this feature in databases.DescriptionEvery ACID-compliant RDBMS follows the “All or None”...

Fri Apr 12, 2024 16:36
JSON_TABLE() Will Be in PostgreSQL 17

JSON_TABLE() will be in PostgreSQL 17! It almost made it two years ago but was yanked away at the last minute. We will get it shortly when PostgreSQL 17 is officially released this year! Please see this.Why is this important?JSON has become the data interchange format of choice for most developers. JSON had a litany […]

Thu Apr 11, 2024 18:30
How to Replicate and Rename a Database in MariaDB

MySQL/MariaDB replication filter is an important feature when we need to replicate only certain databases or tables. Having this configuration option change dynamically is really convenient, but in this article, we’ll note that some replication filters are not dynamic, and you should be aware of that.The use case here is to replicate one database from...

Thu Apr 11, 2024 16:28
MongoDB 4.4 EOL with 5.0 Not Far Behind

February 2024 marked the end of life (EOL) of MongoDB 4.4.Another year, another EOL, is a fitting summary. Time goes by fast, and looking from this perspective, 5.0 is one we will soon also say goodbye to, as this year, 5.0 is also going EOL in October.Why is MongoDB 4.4 EOL significant?In case you and […]

Wed Apr 10, 2024 18:13
Percona Monitoring and Management Setup on Kubernetes with NGINX Ingress for External Databases

It’s a common scenario to have a Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) server running on Kubernetes and also desire to monitor databases that are running outside the Kubernetes cluster. The Ingress NGINX Controller is one of the most popular choices for managing the inbound traffic to K8s. It acts as a reverse proxy and load […]

Wed Apr 10, 2024 16:14

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