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Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy's Edge Topped PSVR 2 May Charts

Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy's Edge topped the PlayStation VR2 download charts for the second month running.Continuing the monthly PlayStation Store charts, Sony announced May 2024's top downloads across Europe and North America. Just like April, this month's #1 spot went to Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge - Enhanced Edition across both...

Fri Jun 14, 2024 12:18
Apple Vision Pro Preorders Open In China, Japan, and Singapore

People in China, Japan, and Singapore can now preorder Apple Vision Pro.In China the headset starts at ¥30,000, in Japan it starts at ¥599,800, and in Singapore at S$5300. China Japan Singapore 256GB ¥30,000 ¥599,800 S$5300 512GB ¥31,500 ¥634,800 S$5600 1TB ¥33,000 ¥669,800...

Fri Jun 14, 2024 12:18
With visionOS 2, Apple Vision Pro Can Now Support Room-Scale VR

Apple Vision Pro can support full room-scale VR with visionOS 2, only showing your real floor when walking.In our review of Vision Pro we pointed out that it didn't really support room-scale VR. Instead of having a user-defined or suggested safety boundary like Meta Quest or SteamVR, by default visionOS 1 just puts you in a 3×3 meter circular bubble...

Thu Jun 13, 2024 22:02
Body Of Mine Explores Gender Identity Through VR Today On Quest

Body of Mine seeks to promote transgender empathy by demonstrating gender dysphoria in VR, and that's available today on Quest.Created by Kost, Body of Mine is a full-body VR experience that places you into a body of the opposite gender, recounting interviews from the transgender community by moving your arms near different body parts. During our Venice...

Thu Jun 13, 2024 21:02
Neon Squad Tactics Promises Cyberpunk VR Action Strategy On Quest

Neon Squad Tactics, a new VR turn-based strategy game, arrives today on Quest.Developed by Tin Man Games, Neon Squad Tactics takes us to a cyberpunk metropolis called UltraCity. Playable solo or in online co-op for up to four players, it tasks you with carrying out missions for powerful corporations as you navigate a neon-lit underworld. Projecting...

Thu Jun 13, 2024 20:01
Among Us VR Delivers Vigilante Justice With Today's Limited Time Event

Among Us VR delivers vigilante justice to the social deduction hit in a new limited-time event.Launching today on all platforms, 'DUM Justice' is the latest free Among Us VR update that introduces a new role: The Vigilante. Despite being counted as Crewmates, developer Schell Games confirmed Vigilantes have a Kill ability similar to Impostors, and that...

Thu Jun 13, 2024 20:01

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