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Got a desktop full of unfinished projects? That's okay, so does Square Enix creative Tetsuya Nomura

When you dive into the mess of folders on your PC, what do you find? Cobweb-plastered manuscripts for those twelve fantasy novels you started? Mouldy design documents for those nine games you never actually began coding? Perhaps dozens of little motheaten thumbnails of that masterpiece you're planning to someday paint? Relax, I'm not calling you out...

Thu Jul 18, 2024 13:28
Until Then is the only visual novel game I've truly enjoyed

I've tried visual novel games in the past, like A Space For The Unbound and Hatoful Boyfriend. And what's frustrating is that I just don't get on with them, despite knowing that they can convey brilliant stories through all sorts of interesting cuts and shots and whatnot. I'm sorry to report that certain stories won't grab me if they're not ticking...

Thu Jul 18, 2024 13:28
I cannot unsee the dreadful, gurning planets of rapidfire space strategy game To The Stars

Here is an incomplete list of people, creatures or things that susceptible Terrans have glimpsed in the surface of the Moon: an old man, a rabbit, a crow, a moose, a toad, and King Mohamed V of Morocco. The technical term for this is "lunar pareidolia", which would have been a good alternative title for To The Stars, a spooky and spry "planet-hopping"...

Thu Jul 18, 2024 13:28
Dungeons of Hinterberg review: a breezy action RPG that’s as pretty as a postcard

Usually when a game makes me want to stop playing and go outside it’s a bad sign, but with Dungeons of Hinterberg it’s different. It’s an action RPG that made me pine for the outdoors and want to be whisked away from all my responsibilities and just exist for a bit. Each time I would finish playing I’d be thinking about my next getaway, and although...

Thu Jul 18, 2024 11:02
No Man's Sky's Worlds update adds walking houses, fancier weather and a touch of Starship Troopers

No Man's Sky is getting a big new Worlds update which treats the space sim's gazillions of planets to a sumptuous overhaul, using technology devised for stablemate fantasy sim Light No Fire, which only has one planet, albeit a "literally Earth-sized" one with dragons. Catch a deep dive trailer for the Worlds update below. Read more

Wed Jul 17, 2024 20:40
Multiplayer FPS Over The Top WW1 guns for Battlefield's crown with 200-head battles and Mount & Blade-inspired melee

If DICE's Battlefield series lacks for one feature, it's surely the option to dig trenches. Properly dig them, I mean, not just waft them into existence with a wave of your magic trowel, a la Battlefield V. Think Minecraft, but with howitzers instead of Creepers. I have never been to war, but I do own several shovels, and let me tell you, if I ever...

Wed Jul 17, 2024 19:13

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