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TikTok SEO: Expand Your Brand’s Reach on TikTok

Have you noticed how TikTok is becoming more than just a platform for entertainment?  Google reports that 40% of young people turn to apps like TikTok and Instagram for search purposes instead of traditional search engines. They want quick, visual answers.  With over 1 billion active users worldwide, TikTok is a goldmine for marketers...

Wed Jun 12, 2024 22:20
 Best Large Language Model (LLM) of 2024: Data-Backed Study

AI large language models (LLMs) are taking the internet by storm, making it easier than ever before to create content and images, as well as source information for your daily queries.  But what’s the best AI language model? After all, if you’re forking out $20 a month for an AI tool, you may as well choose the best one, right?...

Mon Jun 10, 2024 22:24
How to Start a Podcast

Did you know that over 500 million people worldwide listen to podcasts? That’s a huge pool of potential fans waiting to discover you.  Podcasts are booming, offering a powerful tool for digital marketers and business owners to connect, educate, and build brand loyalty. However, with so many shows out there, it can be difficult...

Fri Jun 7, 2024 10:20
What Is a Podcast?

Three out of four people in the U.S. are familiar with the term “podcasting”, according to Nielsen, which is thought to be a combination of the words “iPod” and “broadcast”. But familiarity and understanding are not the same.  So, what is a podcast, exactly? Foundationally, a podcast is a type of consumable digital media, usually with...

Thu Jun 6, 2024 22:03
Podcast Marketing: How to Effectively Market a Podcast

It can be hard to compete against the millions of blogs that clutter the internet. But in podcasting, where you face just a fraction of the competition, things are a little different.    No wonder podcasting is seen as a viable marketing channel for businesses of all sizes, from fewer than ten employees to over 500.  The real challenge...

Wed Jun 5, 2024 22:52
Website Wireframing: How To Do It And Why It Matters

This piece was written by Suzanna Colberg, Sr. SEO Specialist at NP Digital. In digital marketing, time is money—and with a project as important as website design, efficiency can be tricky to get right. Unless you have the right tools. Enter: website wireframes. Typically, several stakeholders weigh in on web design projects,...

Tue Jun 4, 2024 22:30


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