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What a difference a year has made for the Green Bay Packers

It’s amazing the difference a year can make. Twelve months ago, there were so many questions in Green Bay surrounding the Packers’ future. Between Aaron Rodgers wanting to move on and not knowing exactly what they had in Jordan Love, there were plenty of questions entering last offseason. One year later Green Bay…Read more...

Sun Feb 25, 2024 22:35
Even after Kyle Filipowski injury, court storming is an addiction college hoops fans won’t quit

For decades,court stormings have college basketball’s most controversial tradition. On one hand, it’s a sign of exuberant fans and school pride, but in an increasingly anxious sports world, it’s also a threat to the safety of players. As Caitlyn Clark discovered last month against Ohio State, the threat of being on…Read more...

Sun Feb 25, 2024 21:25
Vince Carter spilled the beans on a $1 million dunk contest

Many of the festivities were up for discussion following the NBA’s All-Star Weekend, with none more talked about than the slam dunk contest. Former dunk champion and current TNT NBA analyst, Vince Carter, appeared on “Run it Back” on Fanduel TV and confirmed a legendary rumor. Carter said he was approached by the…Read more...

Sun Feb 25, 2024 20:06
How blatantly does Eric Bieniemy have to fail to fail upward?

I just want to point out that coaches like Bobby Petrino and Hugh Freeze, who should be banned for life from the collegiate ranks, are still getting high-profile coordinator and head coaching opportunities. Yet Bieniemy, who isn’t a saint but also didn’t wreck his motorcycle with his mistress on the back, is relegated…Read more...

Sun Feb 25, 2024 17:24
Despite the NFL salary cap rising, these players may be cut

The NFL officially set its salary cap at a record high of $255.4 million for the 2024 season. With that number comes the difficult task of cap clearing. Creating cap space is the top priority for teams until the new league year starts in a few weeks, and with it comes the loss of jobs. Here are the most likely cap…Read more...

Sat Feb 24, 2024 23:31
Playing for the Jets was so bad, this WR emphatically said he'll never go back

Wide receiver Mecole Hardman has won three Super Bowls with the Kansas City Chiefs. He was the hero of Super Bowl LVIII, hauling in the game-winning TD in overtime. Read more...

Sat Feb 24, 2024 21:24

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