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Tesla’s Cybertruck Is Here and It Costs $70,000

Elon Musk personally handed over the first Cybertrucks to reach customers at a delivery event in Austin today. Tesla also revealed the price and specs of its latest EV.

Thu Nov 30, 2023 23:20
Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event Live: Price, Range, Specs

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced the price, range, and other important specs for the long-delayed Cybertruck. Join us for live coverage of all the news.

Thu Nov 30, 2023 21:00
Google Fixes a Seventh Zero-Day Flaw in Chrome—Update Now

Plus: Major security patches from Microsoft, Mozilla, Atlassian, Cisco, and more.

Thu Nov 30, 2023 17:47
Cicadas Are So Loud, Fiber Optic Cables Can ‘Hear’ Them

In 2021, scientists experimenting with fiber optics picked up a strange signal: the cacophony of cicadas. It could lead to a new way of monitoring insects.

Thu Nov 30, 2023 17:06
Coffee Lovers, It’s Time to Stop Using K-Cups

This week, we talk with our resident kitchen expert about coffee: the best ways to make it, what gear to buy, and what to avoid.

Thu Nov 30, 2023 15:08
6 Best Radios (2023): Portable, Stylish, For Emergencies

Tune into your AM/FM stations in style with these WIRED-approved radio sets.

Thu Nov 30, 2023 15:08

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