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Easiest game to go pro in?

I just want to know what you all think the easiest game to go pro in is. I think it’s probably Valorant but I’d be willing to be proved wrong! submitted by /u/Latter-Medicine2142 [link] [comments]

Thu Apr 18, 2024 20:30
Valorant Tournament

🔥 Valorant Tournament Announcement! 🔥 📅 Date: April 21st 🕕 Time: 6:00 PM IST 💰 Entry Fee: ₹200 per team 🏆 Prize Pool: • 1st Place: ₹2000 • 2nd Place: ₹500 Server: Mumbai Ready to showcase your Valorant skills and compete for glory? Gather your team and register now at! 🎮 Format: - Standard Matches: 1 map until semi-finals....

Thu Apr 18, 2024 20:30
Do non Asian people play valorant?

Just curious submitted by /u/PGLAUDIOTEAM [link] [comments]

Thu Apr 18, 2024 14:30
How to Join the Thrilling World of Esports in India

​ As a seasoned pro gamer, let me share my hard-earned insights on how to make it big in the rapidly growing Indian esports scene. Listen up, aspiring esports stars, because I'm about to lay down the blueprint for you. First and foremost, you need to pick the right game to master. Do your research and find out which titles are dominating the Indian...

Thu Apr 18, 2024 14:30
Call of Duty League Waives Franchise Entry Fees; Focuses On Revenue Generating Models

submitted by /u/renegade826 [link] [comments]

Thu Apr 18, 2024 11:30
Smaller e-sports?

I'm pretty new to esports, but I'm not into watching Overwatch, Starcraft, or League of Legends. Are their any other less-publicised esports that anybody would recommend? submitted by /u/Maeglin16 [link] [comments]

Wed Apr 17, 2024 20:29

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