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Marvel, crypto, Tucker Carlson: eight of 2023’s most spectacular downfalls

Experts on tech, politics and culture weigh in on the year the hype faded and what could come nextRemember 2022? Elon Musk had just been named Time’s Person of The Year, Marvel still ruled the box office, Tucker Carlson was the most-watched host on cable news and it seemed as if all of life was going to take place on the blockchain (the Staples Center...

Tue Dec 19, 2023 23:04
Techscape: NFTs were meant to change everything – what happened?

In this week’s newsletter: in early 2022 ‘non-fungible tokens’ were a supposedly revolutionary million-dollar asset. Now, they’re practically worthless• Don’t get TechScape delivered to your inbox? Sign up hereA funny thing happened in Hong Kong earlier this month. Well, funny unless you were there.The annual ApeFest, where collectors of Bored Ape NFTs...

Tue Nov 14, 2023 13:55
Guests at Bored Ape event in Hong Kong struck by vision problems

More than a dozen attenders of NFT group’s festival, which used ultraviolet light, complained of ‘eye burn’ on social mediaThe company behind the Bored Ape crypto art craze is looking into reports that people have been suffering from eye burn, extreme pain and impaired vision after attending one of its events, which was lit by UV lights.The ApeFest...

Mon Nov 6, 2023 23:54
What were NFTs? An understandable internet fad, and the next one is just around the corner | Joel Golby

We only loved non-fungible tokens – now all but worthless – during a pandemic peak of online loneliness. What will the next craze look like?With last week’s report that 95% of them are now worthless, I think it’s just about safe to say that the NFT moment is finally over. Phew. There really was a six-week period at the start of last year when I thought...

Wed Sep 27, 2023 12:34
The vast majority of NFTs are now worthless, new report shows

Two years after tech trend that swept up artists and celebrities, researchers estimate 23 million people hold worthless investmentsTens of thousands of NFTs that were once deemed the newest rage in tech and dragged in celebrities, artists and even Melania Trump have now been declared virtually worthless.According to a new report by dappGambl that reviewed...

Fri Sep 22, 2023 20:43
Cryptocurrency trading in UK should be regulated as form of gambling, say MPs

Report says people betting on prices of such assets ‘should be aware that all their money could be lost’UK authorities should regulate cryptocurrency trading as a form of gambling rather than a financial service, parliament’s Treasury committee has said after a fresh inquiry into the industry.The government must avoid wasting more taxpayer funds promoting...

Wed May 17, 2023 02:07

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