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How We Migrated to the Cloud... of Ashes (Wallarm OVH Recovery in 2021)

==DISCLAIMER: This story happened in 2021, but I finally found some time and emotional power to make it written. Please enjoy your reading!== \ Hi Ivan! I have some good news and bad news, as they say. It looks like we'll finish our migration to the cloud today. \ It's been almost a year, and I've finally gathered the courage to write down...

Wed Apr 24, 2024 01:59
How Can You Integrate Cybersecurity Into Your Content Automation Process?

Every great innovation comes with some unique challenges. Automation can simplify your marketing processes, save time, and give insight you may otherwise miss. As helpful — even necessary — as automating content is, it carries some cybersecurity risks you should know about. That doesn’t mean these tools are strictly unsafe, but it does warrant attention....

Wed Apr 24, 2024 01:59
How to Master the Art of Early-Stage Fundraising

The frustrations and trials of fundraising are well-known among entrepreneurs. While the repetitive nature of pitching, emailing, and responding to inquiries can be draining, the real challenge often lies in the strategic decisions about when and whom to raise funds from. As your experience reveals, an unenthusiastic VC who doesn't grasp the essence...

Wed Apr 24, 2024 01:59
Mastering SEO: The Ultimate Guide to Penalty-Free Performance

5 SEO Mistakes That Will Get Your Website Penalized by Google and How to Fix Them Introduction In the ever-evolving landscape of search engine optimization (SEO), staying on top of best practices is crucial to maintaining your website's visibility and ranking on Google. However, certain mistakes can lead to penalties from the search giant, ultimately...

Wed Apr 24, 2024 01:59
Zulu Network: Moving The Bitcoin Economy Forward With a Two-Tiered Bitcoin Layer 2 Architecture

While Bitcoin has gained greater institutional acceptance with the recent ETF launches in the US, it is still not a pure institutional asset, and it is not a pure commodity like gold. It is so much more: secure, decentralized, and programmable value. Zulu Network believes that Bitcoin can be so much more. \ The Bitcoin Ecosystem is ready to evolve...

Wed Apr 24, 2024 01:59
Bitcoin Halving: Bearish Implications?

Every four years, the Bitcoin network undergoes a significant change known as "halving,” a process that reduces the rewards for mining new blocks by half. This mechanism is built into Bitcoin’s protocol to control inflation and cap the total supply at 21 million coins. Halving events, therefore, are pivotal, highly anticipated occasions within the cryptocurrency...

Wed Apr 24, 2024 01:59

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