Setting the Pace for Exchange Traded Funds
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Thinking Thematics: Video Game ETF ESPO

The thematic ETF has had an up and down life. Many an ETF investor can name their favorite thematic strategy, and certainly, the space includes some eclectic options. That being said, however, investors may not want to ignore all thematic strategies outright. The thematic ETF world includes some strategies that could appeal to a broader [...] The...

Thu Jul 18, 2024 02:56
Invesco Unveils Trio of ETFs With Option Income Spin

On Wednesday, Invesco expanded its growing library of active ETFs with the launch of three new strategies. The Invesco MSCI EAFE Income Advantage ETF (EFAA) and the Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Income Advantage ETF (RSPA) released on the New York Stock Exchange, while the Invesco QQQ Income Advantage ETF (QQA) has released on the [...] The post...

Thu Jul 18, 2024 02:56
A New Factor for Gold Prices

July 15, 2024 Confluence Investment Management offers various asset allocation products which are managed using “top down,” or macro, analysis. We publish asset allocation thoughts on a bi-weekly basis, updating the report every other Monday, along with an accompanying podcast. The standard regression model is as follows: Y = α +β(X) + ε Where Y [...]...

Thu Jul 18, 2024 02:56
Momentum Mounts for Structured Protection ETFs

Recently, Calamos Investments announced an expansion to its lineup of Structured Protection ETFs. Instead of releasing Structured Protection funds that access the S&P 500 on a quarterly basis, these funds will now be released monthly. See More: Calamos Responds to Significant Investor Demand for Protected Growth Solutions “We have received tremendously...

Wed Jul 17, 2024 22:50
Direxion’s New Bull/Bear ETFs Look at Crypto

On Wednesday, Direxion unveiled its latest strategic pair of leveraged and inverse ETFs. The new funds, the Direxion Daily Crypto Industry Bull 2X Shares (LMBO) and the Direxion Daily Crypto Industry Bear 1X Shares (REKT), focus on the crypto industry. “Crypto equities are among the fastest-growing companies in the world, now representing an almost...

Wed Jul 17, 2024 22:50
Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Climbs Back Above $65K

This weekly update tracks some of the largest cryptocurrencies by market share: bitcoin and ether. While both are considered to be high-risk when it comes to investing, the two have foundational differences that investors should know. We’ve also included XRP, as it was one of the largest cryptocurrencies when this series began. According to Wikipedia,...

Wed Jul 17, 2024 22:50

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