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Engineers in Oregon train dog robot to walk on Moon

The engineering team has a two-year $2 million grant to help Nasa study the Moon's surface.

Sat Apr 13, 2024 00:57
Tech Life: Space Junk

We look at what space junk is and the risk it poses to tech we use everyday.

Fri Apr 12, 2024 10:47
Government should counter misinformation on TikTok - MPs

A committee says the government should be more relatable in its communications with the public.

Fri Apr 12, 2024 02:31
World of Warcraft to return to China

China's NetEase and games publisher Activision Blizzard end their feud which had angered fans.

Fri Apr 12, 2024 02:31
Baldur's Gate 3 wins big at Bafta Games Awards

Super Mario Bros Wonder won two, while Star Wars Jedi: Survivor missed out despite six nominations.

Fri Apr 12, 2024 00:32
TikTok to take on Instagram with photo app

Some TikTok users have received notifications about a new app for photo posts "coming soon".

Fri Apr 12, 2024 00:32


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