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Trump jury search turns to alternates, as opening statements near

Twelve jurors and one alternate were seated in the first three days of jury selection in former President Donald Trump's New York criminal trial.

Fri Apr 19, 2024 15:13
Torso, arm believed to be those of missing woman wash up on beach

Maxwell Anderson, 33, has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the death of 19-year-old Sade Robinson.

Fri Apr 19, 2024 14:53
Too hot for a lizard? Climate change quickens extinction

A disappearing lizard population in the mountains of Arizona shows how climate change is fast-tracking the rate of extinction.

Fri Apr 19, 2024 14:43
The 6 best 2-in-1 laptop hybrids for 2024

Can't decide between a laptop and tablet? Consider getting one device with the functionality of both.

Fri Apr 19, 2024 14:14
Germany arrests alleged Russian spies scouting U.S. military facilities

A German prosecutor says 2 German-Russian nationals were caught snooping around U.S. military facilities used to train Ukrainian forces.

Fri Apr 19, 2024 14:14
Maine farmer convicted in infamous murder case seeks new trial

Dennis Dechaine is serving a life sentence for the murder and sexual assault of Sarah Cherry, who disappeared while babysitting in 1988.

Fri Apr 19, 2024 13:54


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