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New Professional Feature: Secure Image Proxy

Nov 16, 2018 | News
New Professional Feature: Secure Image Proxy

At Inoreader we are committed to deliver a fast, robust and pivotally – a secure platform.

Feeds’ images are one potential vulnerability spot that can leak personal data through tracking pixels among other methods. The Secure Image Proxy directs your image requests solely to our own servers and not to the original source. We do the job of fetching the images on your behalf, thus not exposing your browser requests to the origin.

We have taken steps to introduce Secure Image Proxy in the Professional plan, which as of today will begin serving feed images from our own backend thereby providing professional users with:

  • Completely secure HTTPS connection to Inoreader. Your browser will no longer downgrade the connection to inoreader.com.
  • Secure viewing of images without leaking data to third-party tracking applications.
  • A side benefit of the image proxy is that browsers with limited access to the original source will make requests to our proxy instead. In other words if you are able to open inoreader.com you should be able to also see the images in the articles.

The Secure Image Proxy is available in our Professional plan.

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