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Are Indians right to boo Hardik Pandya, a star cricketer?

Culture | The sports pageSport is all the better for a bit of abuse and hostility—but there are limitsPhotograph: Getty Images Apr 12th 2024The practice of booing is as old as sport itself. During gladiatorial contests in ancient Rome, spectators expressed displeasure at athletes by giving them the bird. The consequences could be deadly. The recipient...

Fri Apr 12, 2024 17:15
Two books shine a light on the dark parts of America’s history

Culture | Liberty and justice, just not for allSteven Hahn and Jacob Heilbrunn trace the appeal of illiberal policies and leaders throughout the country’s historyPhotograph: AP Apr 12th 2024Illiberal America. By Steven Hahn. W.W. Norton; 464 pages; $35America Last. By Jacob Heilbrunn. Liveright; 264 pages; $28.99 and £22ALL COUNTRIES have their patriots,...

Fri Apr 12, 2024 15:47
Americans are turning to stories of civil war, real and imagined

Culture | Return to GettysburgThe real risks America faces are more insidiousPhotograph: Mari Fouz/Getty Images/Alamy Apr 11th 2024CALIFORNIA AND Texas, calling themselves the Western Forces, have seceded from the Union. Other states are following suit. The president, installed for an unconstitutional third term, vows that the uprising will be quashed...

Thu Apr 11, 2024 19:19
How to protect an endangered language

Culture | JohnsonA new book looks at the threats facing six small languages and the efforts to save themIllustration: Ben Hickey Apr 11th 2024Language City. By Ross Perlin. Atlantic Monthly Press; 432 pages; $28. Grove Press; £19.99OF the world’s 7,000-odd languages, almost half are expected to disappear by the end of the 21st century. Two culprits...

Thu Apr 11, 2024 19:19
Adelle Waldman’s new novel follows workers in a big-box store

Culture | Barely gettin’ by“Help Wanted” is based on the author’s own stint employed by onePhotograph: Getty Images Apr 11th 2024Help Wanted. By Adelle Waldman. W.W. Norton; 288 pages; $28.99. Serpent’s Tail; £16.99Adelle Waldman’s sharp-eyed observations of intellectuals in Brooklyn chasing book deals and bedmates made her first novel, “The Love Affairs...

Thu Apr 11, 2024 19:19
Flat whites are Australia’s greatest culinary export

Culture | World in a dishThey are even better than VegemitePhotograph: Alamy Apr 11th 2024ON ANY GIVEN day Shoreditch, a trendy part of London’s East End, is a flurry of hipsters clutching artfully designed takeaway cups. Between April 11th and 14th some 30,000 caffeine-keen people will descend on the area for the London Coffee Festival. Many visitors...

Thu Apr 11, 2024 19:19

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