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Revamped comments and other stuff in beta

Feb 21, 2014 | News
Revamped comments and other stuff in beta

Did you know you can comment on articles in InoReader? Chances are you didn’t, even though comments are available since the beginning of the project.


At first they were only public, because the idea was to help people with similar interest connect with each other and discuss on articles they like. Shortly after we added the option to have private comments, which can only be seen between connected people.
Today we are upgrading the comments section once again. They are now easier to read and we have added the option to edit your comments as well as like on other comments. We will soon add internal notifications about comments to complete the experience.
Other notable changes in this release:
  • Added an option to turn on/off the unread (blue) stripes in each view (Preferences -> Interface):
  • Added new category in Preferences -> Interface – Article contents, which will allow you to further customise the content of the articles.
  • Added an option to turn off marking all as read by clicking on the unread counters (Preferences -> Behaviour -> Read articles
  • Added a link to the article URL in card view (the “new tab” icon after the title)
  • Added close (X) button on dialogs
  • Fixed a bug because of which scroll tracking couldn’t be turned off
  • Fixed a bug during import where some feeds were not assigned to their correct folders.
  • Fixed a bug where setting “All articles” as start page wasn’t working as expected
  • Fixed a bug with the Dashboard not loading when you don’t have any subscriptions
  • Other minor bug fixes


The Innologica Team