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Google Chrome Extension 2.0

Mar 10, 2014 | News
Google Chrome Extension 2.0

We are happy to bring you our major update to the Google Chrome extension.

This update makes the extension something a lot more than just a notifier.
By clicking on the extension icon, you will now see a popup, which shows you a preview with all updated feeds and folders. You can also use search in your InoReader by typing a search term and pressing enter, but coolest addition is the ability to subscribe to the current site directly from the extension. Just press the + button after the site URL. You can also paste another URL and subscribe to it. It’s that easy.

Of course if you like, you can always turn that feature off and the extension will behave just as before.

The extension is available at Google Chrome Web store.

P.S. since the update was just published, it might take several hours before it’s available for everyone.

The Innologica Team