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Themes, full Right-To-Left support and more

Mar 4, 2014 | News
Themes, full Right-To-Left support and more

We are excited to present you our new version in

When we designed our new version, the default theme was carefully crafted to be comfortable for long-time reading by using less contrast and calmer colors than the old version.

After the beta launch, we have received a lot of feedback from you (Thank you!) an a big part of it was about the blue theme. Both negative and positive. We take feedback very seriously and today we are proud to present you with our new beta version which brings themes and much more.

Release highlights:


  • Added Light and Dark themes. The old Light theme is now named Blue



  • Complete Right-To-Left support – Not only articles written in RTL languages should render properly, but also the whole interface is inverted if you use a RTL language for the interface.
  • Added incremental search in “Add to folders” dialog when subscribing.
  • Added “Scan tracking” option in Preferences -> Behaviour -> Read articles. If enabled articles will be marked as read when scanning through articles in list of pane view.
  • Improved colors in the statistics graphs.
  • When the tree pane is hidden, you can temporarily show it by pointing to the far left (or right if you are using a RTL interface) corner of the screen.
  • Fixed a bug with the unread counters disappearing after marking as read by clicking on them.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on the unread counters can sometimes mark all sections as read.
  • Fixed a bug with assigning a single feed into multiple folders.
  • Fixed a bug where the custom sharing options were not visible.
  • Fixed a bug when switching from Favorites to Unread filter – All articles was displayed instead.
  • Fixed a bug with some languages (French and Italian confirmed) completely breaking the user interface.

P.S. there’s a little easter egg in this version. Can you spot it? 🙂

The Innologica Team