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Auto Push deprecation

Jul 18, 2014 | News
Auto Push deprecation

There’s been an obscure little feature in our reader called Auto Push.
It was available since the beginning as an easy way to automatically forward new articles in a feed to email, Pocket or Instapaper.

Later we have developed our rules, which is a lot more sophisticated and powerful feature. For some time it lacked support for regular expressions and sending to read-later services, which prevented it from becoming a full replacement of Auto Push. A while ago we have made significant improvements to rules, including support for regular expressions and sending to PocketInstapaper, Readability and Evernote.
These recent developments cause the Auto Push feature to effectively become redundant and today we are announcing its deprecation.
It will be available until Sept 1st 2014, but you won’t be able to create new records. After that all current pushes will be converted to rules.

We have made a little change a now if you go to Preferences -> Subscriptions, you will be able to easily identify which of your feeds have Auto Push enabled, by looking at the “paper plane” icons. The active ones will be yellow:

Please note that while rules are generally available for all users, they have some restrictions:

  • Users on the Basic (free) plan can have one active rule
  • Users on the Plus plan can have up to 20 active rules
  • Users on the Professional plan can have an unlimited number of rules

If you want more flexibility, you might consider an upgrade.

The Innologica team.