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iOS app is now available at iTunes!

Jul 1, 2014 | News
iOS app is now available at iTunes!

Today, exactly one year after Google Reader closed doors, our official iOS app has become available at iTunes. Go and get it from the link below:

It took us quite some time to get here and we know most of you expected it earlier, but we wanted to make this right and we didn’t wanted to rush it.
It still has a long way to go, but we now we have enough to cover the basics and maybe a little bit more.

The app is designed primarily for iPhone, but it works on iPad too. There will be of course iPad specific updates in the future.

A few words about our strategy with the app – we wanted to bring you the most optimal reading experience and at the same time to make you feel at home, like when you are using any of the official iOS apps.

Our core principle is productivity, so you won’t see a lot of distacting animations and custom graphic assets. The app is using mostly Hierarchical navigation, like for example the Mail app found on your iPhone, so you always know where you are and how to go back.

We have compiled a list a features, along with some screenshots to get you started.

Register and Sign in via different providers

You can sign in with your Google or Facebook accounts, or simply use your email address.

Browse a catalog with 20,000+ categorized feeds

Most of them hand-picked and arranged by our team. Apart from the categorized ones, you can search in millions of other feeds or add completely new ones if you have their URL.


Browse your feeds and folders in one screen

You can quickly view your subscriptions without feeling ever lost. Tap a folder to view its feeds. Swipe it to the left to go directly to its articles.

Swipe actions on feeds, folders and articles

Our unique left swipe for opening sections will give you the sense that you are really navigating through connected screens and if you want to perform additional actions, just swipe any item to the right.

Manage feeds and folders

You can add, rename and delete folders. You can rename subscriptions and change their folders too.

Browse Stars (Favorites) and Tags

You can easily go to your starred and tagged articles from the main screen. You can also rename or delete your tags easily.

Search for articles inside any section

Like in the web and Android version, we consider search an essential function. Just slide down the article list in any section and you will see a search bar at the top. It’s scoped to the current category, so you can have refined search results.

2 article view modes  – List and Magazine

Thanks to magazine view and our backend-powered thumbnails, you can quickly and easily spot the interesting articles from graphic-rich feeds. In case you prefer the classic list view, it’s of course also available, giving you more space for the headlines.

Full content and web view

While at the top of an article, you can pull up to load the full content via Readability and at the bottom – pull down to open the full article on the web. Remember to always visit the original site for the articles you like most. This way you read them as the authors intended and support the publishers.

Other features

  • 2 article sorting modes – by newest and by oldest
  • View all or just the unread articles
  • Starring and tagging of articles
  • Easy “Mark all as read” operation
  • Mini-browser (option to turn it off)
  • Article font size settings
  • Choose to see full or truncated titles in list and magazine view
  • Other settings
  • Basic offline functionality – you can read cached articles and they will be marked as read on our servers as soon as your connection goes online again.

What we have planned for the near future

  • iPad-specific interface
  • Themes
  • Localization
  • Full offline functionality with automatic two-way synchronization
  • Custom views for each feed and folder
  • Evernote, Pocket, Readability and Instapaper integration
  • Social features (channels, broadcasting, commenting)
  • Custom notifications (from rules)
  • Many more…
Today’s release is a big milestone for us. We have now covered the two biggest mobile platforms and we don’t plan to stop here. Both iOS and Android apps will be constantly upgraded with new features and bug fixes.
We are also planning a big redesign of the Android app. It should be available in the following months. It will clean up a lot of early mistakes we have made there and will also make it more consistent with our web and iOS versions.
The Innologica team