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Optimized favicons, unread counter in favicon, new gadgets and more…

Jul 23, 2014 | News
Optimized favicons, unread counter in favicon, new gadgets and more…
Over the past weeks we were focused on implementing some features that were waiting for a long time in our backlog. Some of those features are small, some are bigger. We were slowly pushing them to testing and then in production and now we are ready to announce them.


High resolution feed icons (for HiDPI displays)

2x zoomed-in tree pane
We have optimized our favicon fetching service, so now we store bigger icons for websites and they will look crisp on High-DPI (Retina) displays. We will also start to update favicons more frequently from now on.
Not all sites have high resolution icons though, but we hope more will update theirs in the future.

Embed unread counter in favicon

The default counter (in tab title)
The new counter (inside favicon)
Case in point (how it works for pinned tabs)
This feature is optional and disabled by default. You can enable it in Preferences -> Interface -> Main. Instead of having the unread (or unseen) count in the title of the tab, it can be placed directly in the favicon. The works very well for pinned tabs, where you can’t see their title, but only the favicon.
This feature might not work on some browsers. It was tested and it works well with Chrome, Firefox and latest Opera.

Floating article toolbar in Column view

The article toolbar will no longer scroll together with the article contents, so you will be able to perform actions even if you scrolled down in a long article.

Bulk adding of subscriptions to new folder

The subscription manager now allows you to add selected feeds to new folder. Until now you could only add feed to existing folders.

Lock tree elements (disable Drag & Drop)

Some of you have requested a way to lock the subscriptions order. Now you can do it via the tree pane menu.

“Most tagged articles” dashboard gadget

With this gadget you will always see the articles that you tagged most.

Other changes

  • Your exported RSS streams now also contains a <category> element for each tag you have assigned to your articles.
  • Favicons are enabled by default now. If you don’t like them, you can always turn them off via the tree menu.

The Innologica Team