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Save your ideas, now faster than ever with Yinxiang Biji (Evernote China)

Nov 14, 2014 | News
Save your ideas, now faster than ever with Yinxiang Biji (Evernote China)

Evernote is an important part of many people’s everyday lives. In 2012 Evernote launched its Chinese service Yinxiang Biji in an attempt to greatly improve the experience of their service in the third biggest country in the world. It was a success!

Today, our team is proud to announce to you the integration of Yinxiang Biji in Inoreader!

All you need to do is go to our Preferences, then head over to Integration and in the Evernote section, you will find a button to connect with Yinxiang Biji.The process is the same as integrating any other service to your Inoreader account.

Interface completely localized to Simplified Chinese thanks to our friend mogita.
We have been keeping an eye on the needs of our Chinese users and this integration is the next big step in serving the local community after the overall performance update we did in August.
We know that a global approach to building our service should also take into account the regional and national preferences of our users. This is why we’re also working on integrating country-specific solutions that will enable you to dive into your favorite content in the most convenient way for you. We’re constantly working on improving Inoreader and your feedback always gives us great ideas on what to include next. So, please, keep the requests coming.
Both Evernote International and Evernote China integrations are generally available for all Inoreader users.


Happy note-taking!
The Innologica team.