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[UPDATED] Emergency maintenance

Jan 29, 2015 | News
[UPDATED] Emergency maintenance

We need to perform an emergency restart on two of our main data nodes, which will cause a complete down-time of the service for about 20 minutes today (January 29) in the time-frame between 08:00-10:00 GMT.

We will post details during and after the maintenance.

Update 09:05 GMT: Maintenance started.
Update 09:23 GMT: Servers are restarted. Warming up caches…

Update 09:32 GMT: Web services and APIs are restored. Feed fetchers are started. Updates should come in minutes. The reader might be a bit slower in the next few hours due to caches being still empty.

Maintenance is complete!
Expect an update with the reason later today.




About a day ago Qualys Labs announced a nasty vulnerability in the linux glibc library called The GHOST Vulnerability. Since few hours ago the news started to spread wildly into the open web.
While there is still no practical information about the actual exploit, we decided not to take any chances and to immediately patch our whole infrastructure, which required a reboot of all nodes. Two of them couldn’t reboot without a down-time of the whole service, so we had to make this maintenance.

Everything should be back to normal and as always, your data is safe with us!

The Innologica team