YouTube API v3 is live – don’t worry, your feeds are automatically migrated!

With the development of API v3 YouTube created plans to retire API v2 a considerable time ago. In March the team announced that the proverbial switch will be pulled on April 20 – and with this announcement they officially kept their promise.

If you’re subscribed to YouTube feeds, you might have seen this in your Inoreader:

In order to make the change easier for you, we worked out a way to migrate your current feeds to their new versions. You will see all new items are migrated and updating properly now . Out of 200 000 YouTube channel and user feeds our users have subscribed to all have already been successfully migrated. YouTube has dropped RSS support for search queries and playlists, so those are the only feeds we will not be able to migrate. YouTube feeds are now updated in realtime, thanks to the PubSubHubbub protocol.

New YouTube items will be displayed in a different manner, easier for you to use. The video is embedded in the article, with a big player for you to enjoy any video on:

You can continue adding YouTube channel and user feeds just as before – paste the URL in our Search or subscribe bar. Now, you may also see a suggestion for feeds already on our platform – this feature is live not just for YouTube subscriptions, but for all other feeds, as well:

Did you notice the change YouTube made? Let us know in the comments!