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Open background tabs in Firefox

Sep 8, 2015 | News
Open background tabs in Firefox

So far only our users with Chrome have been able to revel in the glory of the B shortcut – that helpful ally that lets you open items from Inoreader in a background tab, thus letting you still focus on the reading experience, while keeping webpages you want to visit later.

It’s not like we prefer one browser over the next – and with the latest release of our Firefox extension, you can now use the B shortcut in Firefox, too.

You will have to add the Inoreader Companion for Firefox or, if it’s already installed, you’ll have to upgrade to the newest version, 1.25. Once you have installed the extension, you will have to close any open Inoreader tabs you have and open Inoreader again. If you don’t have the extension installed, you’ll see the following message when pressing B:

When the new Firefox extension is installed, you’ll be able to open any item you’re currently viewing in Inoreader in a background tab. Based on previous comments, this will be of great help for Firefox users. What do you think?